Ludacris Net Worth 2020


Christopher Brian Bridges is professionally known as Ludacris. He was born on 11 September 1977 in Illinois, and is an American award winning rapper and actor whose net worth is estimated at $25 million and he is one of the top 100 richest rappers in the world.

Ludacris is estimated to earn a minimum of $2 million per year, and it can go as high as 16 million.

In 1999, Ludacris started Disturbing tha Peace record label. The venture was started as an independent label and was created to serve as an outlet for musicians from the south who, like Ludacris, were having a hard time getting a major label record deal.

Ludacris has a number of wealth sources, the largest being from his music and acting. He also has his record label, Disturbing tha Peace, Conjure Cognac Liquor which he co-owns. He also has Soul by Ludacris, a headphone line that Ludacris rolled out in 2011.

In 2006, Ludacris signed a deal to endorse Puma. Chicken n Beer is a high end restaurant at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airportthat is owned by Ludacris. Ludacris is also the owner of a number of real estate properties.

To add to this, Ludacris has a collection of at least 6 top of the range cars whose values are between $200,000 and $1 million.


Ludacris’ body

Ludacris Music Career

At the age of 9, Ludacris started flexing his musical muscles by writing his first rap song. Three years later, he decided to join a group of rappers.With so much talent at such an early age, it was clearly visible that Ludacris was destined for a great rapping career.

Ludacris was working as a DJ at Hot 97.6 when he came across, and teamed up with, Timbaland as he was recording his album Phat Rabbit. The record’s success could have been what pushed Ludacris to begin working on his first album Incognegro. The album was released in August of 1999 under the Disturbing tha Peace label.

That was the beginning of his journey to success.Even though the album itself was not such a great hit, it carried some successful singles such as What’s Your Fantasy which hit the Billboard Hot 100 chart at number 21.The album opened the door for Ludacris and he signed a deal with Def Jam Recording.

2000 was a good year for Ludacris. He released his second album, Back for the First Time which was an instant success. It hit the Billboard 200 chart at number 4. His subsequent albums have been overwhelmingly received by his audience and all the albums have either been 2 times or 3 times platinum.

He has won 3 Grammy awards, Best Rap Song, Best Rap Album and Best Rap/song collaboration. In 2005, Ludacris won the MTV Video Music award for best music video.

Ludacris Film Appearances

Ludacris has dabbled in a bit of film acting. His first film appearance was in 2 Fast 2 Furious in 2003 which was a great success. He has also appeared in Crash in 2004 and Hustle & Flow in 2005.


Ludacris and Larenz Tate in “Crash”

Ludacris Early Life and Family

Ludacris is an only child and, as he was growing up, the family moved around quite a bit, so although Ludacris was born in Champaign, Illinois, he grew up in Chicago. After graduating from Banneker High School, Ludacris joined George State University where he studied music.

His stage name, Ludacris, is said to represent his split personality and fusesthe two personas, ludicrous and ridiculous. Ludacris is a distant cousin of the late comedian Richard Pryor.


Ludacris and Eudoxie Mbouguiyengue

Ludacris Marriage, Children and Divorce

Ludacris married Eudoxie Mbouguiyengue, a Gabonese model in December of 2014. Ludacris has four daughters from previous relationships, Karma, Cai Bella, Cadence and Shaila Scott.


Ludacris and his family

Ludacris and Controversy

Ludacris has had a number of his lyrics come under criticism. In 2007, his lyrics were said to be glamorising drugs, violence and disrespect of women. In 2008, he came under fire again for his song “Political as Usual” which was said to be a criticism of Jessie Jackson.

Ludacris and Social Media

Ludacris has a large following on social media. His Instagram followers number 10.3 million. Those on Twitter are 11.5 million and on Facebook his followers are 18.3 million.


Ludacris in “2 Fast 2 Furious”

Ludacris Nationality and Ethnicity

Ludacris is an American citizen and a US national. He is of African American and English descent.

                       Biography & Facts
Born: 11 September 1977
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: African American and English
Religion: N/A
Profession: Rapper/Actor
Net Worth: $25 million
Salary: N/A
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Dark brown
Height: 5 ft 7 in or 1.721 m
Weight: 169.75 lbs or 77 kg
Married to: Eudoxie Mbouguiyengue
Affair with: N/A
Children: 4 (Karma, Cai Bella, Cadence& Shaila)
Birth Sign: Virgo
Education: George State University


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