Marjorie Acting as a Chaperone for her Daughters

The wife of Steve Harvey, Marjorie Bridges Woods (aka Marjorie Elaine Harvey) was seen accompanying her daughters at the Chanel Show for Paris Fashion Week Fall 2017. She was there to support her daughter but mainly Lori, who was there to make her debut. Morgan was also there but you can consider her as a veteran as she has appeared in other shows before.

It was time for the younger Lori to shine this time. Lori appeared to be the only new celebrity at the show as she made her walk alongside Lily Rose-Depp, daughters of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, and Lottie Moss, half-sister of Kate Moss. Marjorie was very proud after the show and seemed excited that another of their daughters has made her modeling debut successfully.

Tom Franco Collaborates with ASU Ceramics Research Center

It seems that Tom Franco is managing the loss of his wife in a good way. He has been able to immerse himself in various projects and found success in art, especially clay pipe carving. Earlier this month, the middle Franco showcased his clay pipe projects at the Ceramics Research Center in Tempe, Arizona. His project was made possible with the collaboration with ASU Ceramics Research Center, which he visited this summer in order to prepare for his projects and work.

It helped him produce some very nice pieces of art which he made with his older brother James and exhibited them under the guise of “Pipe Brothers.” The show consists of several pipes that were carved and painted by the Franco brothers. The studio where Tom has done his work is located in Mission Clay’s facility in Phoenix. Bryan Vansel.


James Franco, Dave Franco and Tom Franco

Jennifer Reyna Goes Live for her Workout

Your favorite traffic reporter Jennifer Reyna went live on Facebook recently to showcase her workout routine. She displayed her workout session and confesses that she has been lagging in terms of her working out as she has had an increasing workload ever since she started at KPRC. There was a time when she could not endure without working out, as Jennifer states, but as she wanted to advance in her career so did the work expand. In the end she had to give up on her routing and focus on her career more. But earlier this year she had to face something unthinkable.

She faced the death of both of her parents separated by only a few months. It made her devastated and the only way she could get back was to start working out again. She said that she decided to focus on herself more and started returning to her two-time a week workout routine. She is working at the One2One Fitness Center, 6322 Richmond with her coach Mike Fregia, whom she calls “the body sculpture,” and says that she has never felt better now. It was hard at first starting everything over again but she soon came to realize that it was something that she would have to do.


Amina’s Body and Fitness Pics

Celebrities constantly update their social media accounts and fill them with various stuff about their personal lives. One such celebrity is Amina Schmahl, aka Amina Buddafly, who shows off a lot of photos about herself and her child. People are mostly wondering what is happening with her and how has she moved on after finishing the reality TV show “Love & Hip Hop: New York Star.”

After a great season of watching a love triangle between her, her baby’s daddy Peter Gunz, and Peter’s current love interest Tara Wallace, people have had a very entertaining show to watch as Peter has children with both of them. After finishing the show Amina is mainly concentrating on herself and her child. You can see it based on her Instagram profile. She often shows off her great body and gives us photos from the gym, but there are many of her spending time with her child. She apparently sees the benefit of concentrating on herself and the thing which matters to her the most, and that is her health and her child.


How did Christine Deveau Nab Bruce Campbell

Not many people know a lot of facts about Bruce Campbell. He reached cult status with his horror-comedy classic “Evil Dead” and made a franchise of it. He is currently staring as Ash in “Ash vs Evil Dead” where he is reprising his legendary role in this TV show. But not many people know that his first wife was Christine Deveau whom he met immediately after making his first Evil Dead movie. He was cast in a soap opera called “Generations” where Christine was also employed.

Bruce says that it was the first time a woman has expressed interest in him, as Christine nabbed Bruce right there on the set. Even with a crazy start to their relationship, they could not keep it together for too long and eventually ended with a divorce.