Who Is Marko Stout and Why Is Everyone Talking About Him?


If you don’t know who Marko Stout is, then you are definitely missing out. Marko is a well-known, contemporary artist who focuses on a gritty industrial pop style that is inspired by New York City. He appreciates the city and its urban lifestyle and makes it the headpiece of his art.

But Marko does not focus on one sole discipline of art, he combines a number of them together to produce some of his exceptional work. So besides painting his interest also stretch to photography, printing, sculpture, film video, etc. He combines different media together or displays them individually to create magnificent works of art.

Due to his unique interests and exceptional talent he was able to create the Festival of Edible Apple Cinema, which takes place in downtown New York. The festival was founded by Marko himself in 2015 with the aim of promoting the avant-garde style that he cherishes. He is influenced mainly by the film but is not afraid to include other forms of media to make things interestingly unique.


Interestingly, Marko Stout was inspired by his neighbor when he decided to embark on his artistic adventure. He used to live on a floating house harbored in San Francisco Bay. His first-door neighbor was a painter who used to study at the Art Institute of Chicago. He even owned a prestigious gallery back then. Marko got fascinated by this world and started making his own art. Some of his original pieces were even displayed and sold at this gallery. The inspiration and the motivation that Marko took from this experience led him to get where he is now today.

It has led him to become one of the most recognizable faces in the art world. Not only that, but he is a staple in the celebrity world as other famous celebrities like Billie Eilish, Debra Messing, and even the Kardashian sisters speak fondly of him and appreciate his art and the work that he is doing.

Marko Stout is on everyone’s lips and has been able to climb to the very tops of the art world, the social media spectrum, and the celebrity world as well. Becoming one of the most important figures in the contemporary art world.

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