Marsha Thomason Pitted for Her Next Role

Marsha Thomason has just been cast in her next role as she will be appearing as the lead character of FOX’s “Zoobiquity.” This is a pilot show which is going to be based on a bestselling novel written by Dr. Barbara Natterson-Horowitz and Kathryn Bowers. The show is a light medical procedural drama which will see Marsha play the character of Kara Martins, a driven cardiologist, who is embarking on a career suicide but teaming up with Dr. Lucas Cort, who is a socially challenged veterinarian who has a better relationships with animals that people.

In order to cure people, they are going to put aside their differences and use a unique kind of interspecies approach of curing the cases that they have. The show is going to be written by Stephen Nathan and Jon Collier, of “Bones” fame and we are hoping to see their unique humor and way of writing seen in the show which has brought them so much fame already.

Marsha sees this as a great opportunity to further her career and thinks that this show is going to make certain strides and make a great viewership. She has previous co-stared in “White Collar” for four seasons and you also know Marsha for her role in the ITV limited series “Safe House.” The actor appearing by her side is Antonia Bernath known for “Downton Abby” and “The Astronauts Wives Club.”

Nick Bateman is the Real Gambit

Nick Bateman went viral recently by posting a video of him handling the bo-staff and unofficially applying for the role of Gambit. A spinoff movie based on the X-Men franchise has been in the making for quite some time. The character is a fan favorite among comic book readers and a lot of them have been craving to see a solo Gambit movie. The last tiem we saw gambit was in “Wolverine: Origins” where the character was played by Taylor Kitsch. But since both the movie and Kitsch’s portrayal of the bellowed character flopped, the studios have decided to pursue other options. For now the role has been given to Channing Tatum, but besides that there is no script, no other casting members and nothing feasible at all.

In comes Nick Bateman. In order to put himself in line for the role of Gambit he filmed a short video of himself handling the character’s primary weapon of choice, a bo-staff. Nick and his friend explained that the actor would have to handle the staff with precision and then Nick took out one and started throwing moves and flipping around like a real-live Gambit. If that is not impressive I don’t know what is. If Channing wants to keep the role as it was previous promised he should have to brush up his stick controlling skills, but there are the cards as well, maybe Channing is keeping those up his sleeve.


Do We Even Remember Sasha Czack Anymore?

Sasha Czack is not in the public’s eye as she used to be. Nobody really knows that she is up to and people mostly remember her for being the ex and first wife of Sylvester Stallone. But her drop to anonymity is in a way justified and also a bit sad. After all, Sylvester has remarried and is often seen with his current wife Jennifer Flavin. Not only that but Sylvester has three beautiful daughters that he has with his current wife, Scarlett, Sistine Stallone and Sophia, which are becoming more and more attractive and increasingly popular.

Recently the family has been spotted for the promotion of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2” where Sylvester brought his whole family and got together with Vin Diesel and his most dearest. But Sasha Czack is of course nowhere to be seen, as she is mostly doing her own thing and attending their son Seargeoh. There was recently a throwback picture released of the 1977 academy awards when Sylvester was nominated for his role as Rocky and entered the red carpet with Sasha by his side. But how quickly times have changed and how drastically the tables have turned.


Sasha Czack today

Katie Lee Putting her Hampton Home on the Market

The star of the food network Katie Lee has decided to put her Hampton home up for sale yet again. The decked out palace is a joy to behold and has been specifically refurbish with all the necessities that Katie needs for her cooking show. You can even see the Instagram posts that she has made about her home as she refurbished to a T. Katie actually bought the home in 2011, which was only two years after she divorced her former husband Billy Joel. She tried to sell the estate some two years ago for the first time and put up for 6.5 million dollars.

But now she has established herself as more of a celebrity as she has her own cook book out and her own show. Since she did not sell her home the last time she is trying yet again this time for a lower price as she is demanding 5.5 million dollars. It is said that Katie is trying to sell this home so she can buy one with a private dock for her new Boston whaler boat.


Hudgens Perfoms in Manilla While her Mum Feels Proud

You rarely know that the popular actress Vanessa Hudgens has some Philippine heritage in her. Her mum Gina Guangco is Philippine by birth and Vanessa has often proudly stated her origin and is happy to represent the country of her mother. Vanessa and her costar from “High School Musical,” Ashley Tisdale, met together in Manilla to finally perform the duet they never had in the show. Vanesa and Ashley are actually best friends in real life so it was easy for them to arrange all of this. They managed to sing Elle King’s “Ex’s and Oh’s” which was arranged by Christopher French, who is actually Ashley’s husband. Gina Guganco, was proud to see her daughter perform and was really happy to be back in Manilla with her child and see her how she appreciates her Philippine roots.


Gina Guangco and Vanessa Hudgens

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