Mary McGuinness – Silver Edge – Review

Mary McGuinness, a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, comes out with her most recent single titled “Silver Edge.” Mary has previously released four albums under a different project. This new song is just the beginning of her returning to her roots as Mary McGuinness.

The song itself pools a lot of roots from southern-tinged acoustics, which Mary is actually known for. The way the guitar is presented is exceptional and flows both with the voice and the bass track. Mary’s voice is a distinct highlight of the song. Its presence is felt with her dynamic display and she does not pull back but at the same time does well not to overdo it.

The song was inspired by Mary’s personal twists and turns through her life. Silver Edge displays a heartfelt journey that the artist has taken.

Mary is on a great run this year as she has already released “The Gambler,” a cover song originally performed by Kenny Rogers. She also plans to release another single, “Prodigal,” that is reportedly the title of her next album.

About Mary

Mary McGuinness is of mixed descent, having both Korean and Irish blood. She grew up on a military base as her father was involved with the military and got used to moving a lot. Despite that, you can notice her southern roots in all of the songs that she has displayed so far. She likes touring and things that enable her music to flourish that way.

In the past, Mary has collaborated or supported such artists as Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Kenny Loggins, Shawn Colvin, and TRAIN.

“Silver Edge” is now available for download at all major platforms.


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