Matt Nable Biography


Matt Nable is an Australian actor and writer but he is also a former professional rugby league footballer. After finishing his career in rugby. Matt was praised for his writing talents by his firmed Thomas Keneally. He managed to convince him to write a screenplay for a movie which would later came out in 2007. The film is a rugby based movie called “The Final Winter” and has won numerous praise. This helped Matt to really kick start his career.

The very next year, he was cast in an American television movie “S.I.S.” where he played a detective. Next he work with Channel 7 and rewrite a comedy program which would concentrate around the rugby league called “The Matty Jones Show”. He starred in some projects back in his home country of Australia with “Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms” (2012) and was also a part of a TV show called “Underbelly: Badness”. He was also in the cast of Nine network’s miniseries “Gallipoli”. Probably the most famous movie projects that he was a part of include “Killer Elite” (2011), alongside Clive Owen and Robert De Niro, and “Riddick” (2013) with Vin Diesel.


Matt Nable in “Arrow”

In 2014, Matt Nable was cast to appear in season 3 of CW’s “Arrow”. He was cast as the ultimate villain of the show Ra’s al Ghul. There were many speculations to who would star as the legendary DC character as Liam Neesam played him in the “Dark Knight Trilogy”. As he expressed some interest at first to reprise his role on TV he did not answer when he was called to do it. So the role came to Matt Nable instead. He had a stellar performance and is often praise with his work in this part. He appeared once more as Ra’s al Ghul in the “Legends of Tomorrow” related Arrowverse show.

As far as Matt Nable’s writing, he has written two books and both of them received great critical acclaim. He wrote “We Don’t Live Here Anymore” in 2009 and continued with “Faces in the Clouds” (2011).


Matt Nable in “Legends of Tomorrow”

Matt Nable Net Worth and Salary

Matt Nable has been able to make a great living due to his work as an actor and a writer. He came a long way from only being a rugby player. He has found a different kind of talented with acting but especially with writing. All of these endeavors have earned him a total net worth of 11 million dollars that he is now worth.

Matt Nable Partner and Family

Matt Nable has been a happily married may for almost 18 years. He and his wife Cassandra Nable married way back in 2000. Matt always states the importance of his wife in his life. He is there to keep him in check and he often says that he is the most important person in his life. They faced some ups and downs but it never came close to a divorce.


Matt Nable and his wife Cassandra Nable

Matt Nable Age

Matt Nable is 45 years old and he was born on 8th March 1972. He was born in the Northern Beaches of Sydney and would move to Portsea, Victoria later. His father Dave was a solider, so Matt needed to move around a lot due to his father’s work. His father was also the coach of the Australian national rugby league team, while his brother Adam Nable was also a professional rugby player.

Height and Weight

Being a former professional rugby player also means that Matt Nable is pretty big and muscular. You can attest to that if you have seen some of his roles and particularly the one on “Arrow”. He is very strong and still has the muscles to prove it. His weight is 180 cm and weighs about 80 kg.


Matt Nable

Mat Nable’s Sporting Career

Matt Nable started playing rugby as a junior in Manly-Warringah club. He made five appearance for the club and would then go on to play for Graham Lowe in 1995. He made three appearances there and would transfer to England next. He did not have all that much success in England as he played for Carlisle for one season and at London Broncos for another. After that he retired and stated doing other things. Before eventually settling on acting and writing, he even tired boxing. He even competed for the state light-heavyweight title as an amateur.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Matt Nable is Australian by nationality and his ethnic group is Caucasian.

Biography & Facts
Born: March 8 1972
Nationality: Australian
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Religion: N/A
Profession: Actor and Writer
Net Worth: $11 million
Salary: N/A
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Green
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Married to: Cassandra Nable
Affair with: N/A
Children: N/A
Birth Sign: Pisces
Education: N/A