Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto Date Night

Ever wonder how celebrities go out on their dates. It actually depends on the stage of the relationship and if you are married or not. Since Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto are a long standing couple, they did not party all night as you would expect some younger celebrities to do. Date night consist of a causal evening in a very expensive restaurant. Michael and Yvette were spotted coming out of an SUV car with a personal driver as they were heading out to Marea bar and restaurant in Midtown.

Yvette was looking very beautiful as she sported a casual black dress, just right for this occasion. Michael was not as elegant as Yvette was, particularly the baggy trousers, but he did sport some Air Jordan 1 Pinnacles snickers. These actually retail from $400 a piece. He better tip the waiter well.

Howard Stern Opens Up About His Divorce to Alison Berns

The eccentric Howard Stern has done many things in public that you and I would never imagine doing. But even with his promiscuity he has rarely spoken about his divorce to first wife Alison Berns. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Howard opened up a bit and explained some of the reasons why the divorce actually happened. He said that it came out of the blue, that he was not expecting it to happen.

He has never managed to understand even to this day how things could turn around so fast and become so bad so fast. Howards still feels very bad about letting his family, his kids and even Alison down. In the end he explained that this is something that will bother him till the rest of his life and something which he will analyze and come back to as many times as necessary.


Is Vanessa Villanueva Seeing Someone?

Vanessa Villanueva, the former wife of Chris Perez, has fallen off the radar in recent times. There are not many people who are get to ask themselves, what happened to her. She was a prolific actress at one point and she enjoyed a great relationship with Chris, and then things started going south. There are less and less reports about Vanessa’s life and even thought Chris is not doing any better, Vanessa is mainly focus on her children and is making a quite living on her own. It even papers that she is not seeing anybody particular now.

There were some rumors of past relationships that happened, but it all went on quickly and there was nothing really significant to report on. Either way Vanessa maybe looking for a guy ti fill the hole that Chris left but no particular candidates found now.


Anjelah Johnson Special Without any Trump Jokes

Many stand-up comedians have always thrived in making fun of the current administration and poking holes in the current president’s leadership. This happened to George Bush and this happened to Barack Obama, how you decide to look at the reign of those two presidents is your ow personal opinion. But once Donald Trump became president, everybody was thinking “OMG this is going to be great, this is a slam dunk for comics, it is like a lay up to do bits now.”

Many of them have decided to make this a primary part of their specials while others threw in a few jokes here and there as they were all not ready for the pole results which we got in the end. But one of the contemporary comics out there has refused to throw in any Trump jokes in her special. Anjelah Johnson is a very accomplished stand-up comedian and is debut her fourth hour with “Mahalo and Goodnight” set to appear.

But she explained that she does not want to include the jokes about Trump as she does not want her show to be connected with politics too much. She wants her special to be more lose and has decided to talk about things like the relationship with her mother and the married life with her husband. There is no doubt that the show is going to be fun and it could be a nice rest form all the current talks that we experienced in the world now.

Juanita Vanoy Sells her Penthouse Condo

Ex-wife of basketball legend Michael Jordan, Juanita Vanoy has sold her triplex penthouse on Lake Shore Drive. The property was sold for a sum of $3.2 million. The property is 8,000-square-foot and has four bedrooms and it was bought in 1990 by the couple for $3 million. After their split in 2006 as part of the settlement, Juanita got the penthouse while Michael got the 56,000-square-foot Highland Park mansion. The Penthouse that Juanita sold takes up the 39th and 40th floors as well as the roof. The property has been on sale for some time now and Juanita has decided to do this as she is currently moving into a new housing.


Juanita Vanoy with friends

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