Michaela Conlin Net Worth, Parents, Partner

Michaela Conlin is an American actress known mainly for her role in television series “Bones”. In it, she plays Doctor Angela Montenegro, the best friend of the main protagonist. The rest of her engagements have been mainly focused on television, although she has worked on the “big screen” too. That is probably because she spent a lot of time on the set of “Bones”.

Michaela Conlin Age

Michaela Conlin was born on June 9, 1978, in Allentown Pennsylvania, United States of America. That makes her 39 years old at the time of writing this article.

Michaela Conlin Partner and Family

Michaela Conlin was born to mother Denise Conlin who was an accountant, and father Fran Conlin, a contractor. She also has an older sister, but we weren’t able to find her name or any other details.

Michaela’s mother Denise Conlin is of Asian origin. Thus Michaela’s extraordinary beauty.

The interesting thing about her partner was that she had a serious long term relationship with her co-star and the actual boyfriend in a TV series “Bones” T.J. Thyne. He’s been playing an entomologist Dr. Jack Hodgins since 2006. Strangely their characters were also romantically involved in that TV series. Thyne and Michaela had been engaged until 2011 until they broke up three years later.


T.J. Thyne and Michaela Conlin

As far as we known Michaela Conlin is now single, while her ex-boyfriend T.J. Thyne didn’t want to lose any more time and he is now engaged with Asian model Leah Park.

Another interesting thing is that there is one other friendship which correlates with friendship written by the script writers. Her best friend in real life is the very best friend she has on the “Bones”, Emily Deschanel who plays Dr. Temperance (Bones).

Education and Career

Michaela Conlin started acting while she was very young. She played in her first play at the age of seven and she hasn’t stopped acting since. There were numerous opportunities for her in Pennsylvania community productions and some of the regional projects.

She also appeared on the stage in her High School, In the matter of fact she attended Parkland High School and after graduating in 1996 she moved to New York for further education. Michaela applied for the New York University’s Tisch Shool of the Arts, just after the High School, and was accepted into it. Naturally, she used her studies to further improve her acting skills by participating in several productions at the Atlantic Theater Company, the Playwrights Horizons Theater School, and Stonestreet Studios Conservatory.


Michaela Conlin

Before she got her first main role in the ABC drama series MDs, she had been a part of the documentary program for the cable TV. That tittle of the program was “The It Factor” and it was something like reality tv today. They tried to show the lives of young actors in New York. The first main role hit her right after she moved to Los Angeles. That role of a young intern and later the role a political consultant in district attorney’s office (“The D.A.”) paved the road for the show which will make her known to the even broader audience.

Michaela Conlin in “Bones”

The role that made her “famous” is the role of Angela Montenegro in the popular TV series “Bones” on Fox Network. She plays alongside David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel, T.J. Thyne, Tamara Taylor and John Francis Delay. She is playing Angela Montenegro, married to Dr. Jack Hodgins (who is played by T.J. Thyne, her real-life boyfriend).

The final episode of the final season of the show broadcast in March of 2017.


Michaela Conlin and John Francis Daley in “Bones” (2005)

Michaela Conlin Movies

We don’t say much about her engagement in the movie industry and that is not because of the quality of her acting but because of the small roles she always gets on the “big screen”. She played roles in the movies with big names starring, and maybe that is why her roles are not so irrelevant. She also portrayed a secondary character in a 2011 blockbuster called “The Lincoln Lawyer”, with Matthew McConaughey.

That is why Michaela Conlin is always choosing TV series over films. She has had main roles in big budget TV Series, and she has never had any bigger role in some blockbuster movie.

Other relevant movies include Baby, Baby, Baby (2015), Enchanted (2007), Open Window (2006), and The Disappointments Room (2016).

Things We Didn’t Know About Michaela Conlin

  • Michaela revealed three things on the “Queen Latifah Show” in 2015. During an interview, she said that:
  • Michaela Conlin is afraid of cockroaches. She is terrified of cockroaches, she would faint if she was in a situation to actually see a cockroach.
  • Michaela Conlin wanted to be an archeologist. She watched Jurassic Park when she was little and that made an obsession for her.
  • Michaela Conlin is scared of scary movies. She simply cannot watch anything that is scary.

Michaela Conlin Net Worth and Salary

Michaela Conlin is a very successful actress and her Net Worth is over $4 Million. Although she hasn’t had any bigger roles in some blockbusters, we firmly believe that there are going to be some bigger chances for her, right around the corner.


Michaela Conlin in bikini

Michaela Conlin is Lesbian?

We are assuming that she is not lesbian. But there is one catch. Her character had to kiss a female while she was in “Bones”. Her character is Bisexual so that was a natural way of things. During one interview, Michaela Conlin gave to Craig Ferguson on his Late Late Show, she said that something did change in her during that scene. She said that she thought that maybe she will grasp her lesbian side, but she only noticed that women have soft skin… and that women smell nice. So she only started understating men and their fondness towards females, but she loves men.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Because of the culturally mixed marriage of her parents, she has a mixed nationality too. Her mother is either Cambodian or Chinese (there are two different sources with two different opinions), while her father is Irish. As for her ethnicity, Michaela is white. In addition, she holds the United States of America’s citizenship .

[table caption=”Biography & Facts” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|350″ colalign=”left|center”]
Born:,June 9. 1978.
Net Worth:,$4 Million
Hair Color:,Dark-Brown
Eye Color:,Light-Brown
Weight:,58 kg
Married to:,No
Affair with:,N/A
Birth Sign:,Gemini
Education:,Parkland High School / New York University

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