Most Intelligent Celebrities

Danica McKellar, IQ 154

Everyone knows Danica Mckellar for her amazing role in The Wonder Years, a TV series in which she played Winnie Cooper. The series ran from 1988 to 1993 and during that time, Winnie Cooper became the epitome of perfection for millions of viewers.

What most people do not know is that Danica is a maths expert having graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degree with a summa cum laude.

While still pursuing her acting career, she has written and published six maths books with catchy titles, all designed to help mid and high schoolers overcome their fear of maths. Her books include Math Doesn’t Suck, Kiss My Math and Girls Get Curves.


Brian May, IQ 146

Brian Harold May is a British musician, singer, songwriter and astrophysicist lead guitarist for the rock band Queen, for which he is a co-founder. Queen rose to success following the release of their album A Night at the Opera, and in particular the single Bohemian Rhapsody.

In 2001, Brian had his name etched into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The following year, Guitar World magazine held a readers’ poll which ranked Brian as the second-best guitar player. 2005 saw Brian appointed a CBE by Queen Elizabeth II, and in 2018, Queen was awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

Brian is a Ph.D. graduate in Astrophysics from the London Imperial College, and from 2008 to 2013 he was the Chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University. When NASA was working on the New Horizons Pluto mission, Brian was a “science team collaborator”. He co-founded the Asteroid Day awareness campaign, leading to Asteroid 52665 being named after him.


Garry Kasparov, IQ 148

Chess is one of those games that baffle a lot of people, but Garry Kasparov is not one of them. Garry after showing his chess-playing skill at an early age, Garry was enrolled for an intensive chess training program at the age of 10. He has enjoyed lots of glory at the chessboard and is rated as one of the world’s greatest chess player. Garry holds 11 chess Oscars and holds the record for his amazing 15 consecutive professional tournament victories.

He was born Garik Kimovich Weinstein in Azerbaijan, Russia on 13 April 1963, but at the age of 7, soon after his father died, he changed his name to Garry Kasparov. He is well remembered for playing 46 games against Anatoly Karpov, the then champion, all in an attempt to get a winner. After winning this match, he became the youngest World Chess Champion, at 22 years. This game has gone down on record as the longest title-deciding match ever to be played.


Mayim Bialik, IQ 150

The mention of Mayim Bialik brings to mind the TV sitcom Blossom where she played the lead role. Mayim Chaya Bialik was born on 12 December 1975 and is an actress, an author, and a neuroscientist. Mayim has been nominated not once, but four times for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her performance in the sitcom The Big Bang.

The Big Bang also won her the Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. Mayim started her acting career as a child and has moved on to playing bigger and more defined roles.

After taking a few breaks in her studies, Mayim in 2007 finally earned her Ph.D. degree in neuroscience from UCLA. Today, together with her acting, through her online platform Grok Nation which she founded in 2015, Mayim encourages people of all ages and backgrounds to feel free to engage in conversations on any issue of their choice. She is known to comfortably work out complicated equations in her head, and the basics of quantum physics come easily to her.


Lisa Kudrow, IQ 154

Lisa Valerie Kudrow is a hilarious American actress, comedian, writer, singer, and producer who plays Phoebe in the TV series Friends. She was born in Los Angeles, California on 30 July 1963.

Her appearance in Friends was her springboard, bringing her worldwide recognition. It also won her an Emmy Award in the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series category. Lisa has appeared in several films such as P.S. I Love You. She produced and starred in the Showtime program Web Therapy which aired between 2011 and 2015.

The show earned her five Primetime Emmy Award nominations, and several Webby nominations, and an Outstanding Comedic Performance Webby for Lisa for her role as the therapist Fiona Wallice.

Lisa graduated from Vassar College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology with the intention of following in her father’s footsteps in researching headaches. She worked for her father for eight years and left to follow her acting career.