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Natalie Stewart is the younger sister of Tony Stewart, the stock car racer, NASCAR team owner and current businessman. Natalie is not by any means famous nor does she enjoys the limelight as her much famous brother does but goes about her own way and pursues her own endeavors in life. But being that she is a regular person means that she does not get around much and is not defined by anything else except being the sister of her much famous brother Tony.

Tony has made a name for himself in the racing industry in a lot of ways. He was the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion on three occasions, 2002, 2005 and 2011. In 1996 he was acclaimed as the Indianapolis 500 Rookie of the year and in 1999 got the accolade of being Winston Cup Series Rookie of the year. Among his many achievements are wins at the Midget, Sprint, Indy, USAC Silver Crown cars races. He is currently driving the Bass Pro Shops/Mobil 1 Chevrolet SS number 14 for NASCAR which competes in the Sprint Cup Series and competes for the team that he is the owner of. He is also famous for being the only person to win both the Nextel Cup and Winston Cup as well.

Natalie has not made a name for herself and has mainly been seen appearing in a lot of the pictures that you can see her brother in. She does not make so much waves in the public and there is a lot of information that is not really known about her.

Natalie Stewart

Natalie Stewart Net Worth and Salary

Natalie Stewart’s career is not as lucrative as her older brother is. There are no information about her holding any kind of a position nor did that she is currently employed anywhere. Her salary and net worth have not been announced anywhere and mainly remain unknown till this time. On the other hand, her brother is valued as having a pretty high income and a boastful net worth as well. Tony Stewart is currently praised at 70 million dollars as his net worth. Natalie is probably very proud of her brother’s position and earnings but does not appear to earn nearly as much as that.

Natalie Stewart with brother Tony Stewart

Natalie Stewart Husbamd and Family

Natalie Stewart was born in Columbus, Indiana. Her parents are Nelson Stewart and Pamela Boas, or originally Pamela Ann Marshall. As mentioned, Natalie’s brother is the widely famous NASCAR driver Tony Stewart. Nelson and Pamela actually got divorced while Natalie and Tony were still teenagers. Nelson shared his affiliation with the racetrack with his son and actually made him what he is today as they would often leave Pamela and Natalie at home to pursue their interests in the car racing industry. This eventually led to Pamela and Nelson getting a divorce as their life started turning upside down. Pamela is now remarried and goes by the name of Pam Boas and is working for her son as a treasurer of the charitable organization which Tony has founded, called Tony Stewart Foundation. Natalie and Tony still keep a good relationship with their parents and also between each other.

Natalie Stewart is still not married and does not have any children from any of her past relationships. She has had her fair share of boyfriends along the years but nobody famous and certainly noone from the racing industry as some would suspect. Also, being never married there are no rumors about a divorce and no feisty affairs as well. But Natalie is seeing somebody currently, but the information about him is scarcer than the information about Natalie herself.

Natalie Stewart’s Brother (Tony) and mother (Pamela Boas)

Natalie Stewart Age

Natalie Stewart is two years younger than her more famous brother Tony Stewart. Toney was born on 20 May, 1971 which makes Natalie’s current age 44. There are no information about her exact date of birth except the year when she was born.

Natalie Stewart Height and Weight

Since there are not major information given about Natalie Stewart, so is the information about her height and weight a mystery. You can see her along her brother in most of the pictures that are displayed here and there but these are mostly pictures and there are no exact body measurements given to go alongside it.

Is Natalie Stewart a Lesbian?

Even with her secretive dating life, Natalie Stewart has not been reported to be a lesbian. Although there were some rumors which went about of her being one as there was not much to say about her dating career. Also the fact that she did not married and that she does not have any children also supported the claim a bit. All in all, the story is that she is a heterosexual woman and there are no such things to make us believe that she might be a lesbian.

Natalie Stewart for dinner Tony Stewart Foundation

Nationality and Ethnicity

Natalie Stewart is a Caucasian American woman. She was born in US which makes her an American citizen and she has no other ethnic or national ties.

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