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Wolf Mason, By Myself – Review

Wolf Mason dropped his new single ‘By Myself’ featuring KØDE. Before this, he released his EP ‘I Can’t Sleep and Idk Why’, and success was overwhelming. ‘By Myself’ is a little bit different from what we used to hear from him and that is ...Read More

Di Higrade, HTML – Review

The latest song from Ghanaian Artist Di Higrade left us speechless. The track’s name is ‘HTML’ which stands for “Hello To My Lover.” We all heard about HTML, markup language, and this is a clever way to name a song because we will all ...Read More

Mary McGuinness – Silver Edge – Review

Mary McGuinness, a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, comes out with her most recent single titled “Silver Edge.” Mary has previously released four albums under a different project. This new song is just the beginning of her returning to her roots as Mary McGuinness. The ...Read More

GVNG GREEN – Red Light Review

The rising hip-hop group has recently come out with another single, titled Red Light. In truth, the single is actually a collaboration with fellow artist Trinity, which came out after the release of GVNG GREEN’s album. The song is a very sensual journey to ...Read More

Jason Biyo, Numb – Review

Jason Biyo, an artist who is new to the R’n’B/pop scene but he is, for sure, making a huge entrance with his first single ‘Numb’ from the debut album, N.U.M.B. It will be released on June 5th. The EP will contain 7 tracks and ...Read More

Khadi Lee, Fall Down – Review

Khadi Lee, Cleveland singer, and songwriter is giving us a taste with this amazing single named ‘Fall Down’ of his upcoming EP, ‘Lvr Boy’, which will be out later this year. The track is very mesmerizing and is destined to hijack your ears from ...Read More

Kemper Grant – Jungle – Review

  Oklahoma-based artist, Kemper Grant, has just recently released his newest album titled “Jungle.” It is a breath of fresh air and a promising album that is surely going to kick start Kemper’s already promising career. The album contains 8 tracks which showcase the ...Read More

Capo Corleone – Don’t Play – Review

Los Angles-born rapper, Capo Corleone, has announced the release of his new single “Don’t Play,” which is only introducing his bigger project “Hawallywood” expected to come out soon. “Don’t Play” is a collaboration piece with B. Gullie and takes us with its beats to ...Read More

Kathy Ingraham – Nature Boy – Review

Kathy Ingraham comes out with an entirely new single and a different take on the legendary “Nature Boy” song originally performed by Nat King Cole. The original song was written by Eden Ahbez in 1947. The song has a personal note for Ahbez as ...Read More

20 Books Written by Celebrities You Should Read

Books are regarded as one of the top ways of spreading ideas about special concepts. In the same sense, books are great tools for providing knowledge to people about a person. Celebrities are one of those people who have had books written about them ...Read More

10 Celebrities Who You Had No Idea Are Authors

Between tours, filming, and music recordings, celebrities sometimes need to find an escape from the rigors of their everyday profession! In addition to being a very talented movie and music stars, many celebs still write books! Well, it wasn’t enough to be just amazing ...Read More

The Biggest Celebrity Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

Social media is a fantastic tool that can help you reach a wide audience of like-minded people. In the right hands, platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook enable users to promote their brand, tell their stories, and offer opinions on current affairs. In ...Read More

5 Celebrities Who Own a Car but Can’t Drive

Driving is an important skill to learn. With your vehicle of choice, you can go anywhere you want, anytime. Driving is freedom. However, not everybody can take the wheel and drive. It takes focus, awareness, and the ability to handle a vehicle safely. Drivers ...Read More