Nick Bateman Biography

Nick Bateman is a Canadian actor, model, and Internet celebrity. He started acting in 2011 with (not so popular film) “Hobo with a Shotgun”, and since then he has made a number of appearances in low-budget movies. He has also used his good looks and constant travels to boost his popularity and earn some money through social networks like Instagram. He often posts pictures and videos of himself and exotic locations he is visiting at that moment.


Nick Bateman was born on November 18, 1986. At the time of writing this article, Nick Bateman is 30 years old.

Partner and Family

There isn’t much we could find about Nick Bateman’s family. He was born in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. His mother’s name is Debbie Rockwell and it looks like he has two half sisters. Although some are implying that those are not his sisters, actually girlfriends, we are going to trust what Bateman posts and not some bloggers.  There are two posts with his sisters (which do look alike), first one with Celeste Desjardins actress born as Celeste-Penelope Marie Desjardins. She is known for Lost and Found (2016), Lead with Your Heart (2015) and Flower Shop Mystery: Mum’s the World.

The second one is with Amanda Cerny who was born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. She is an actress and a social media star and she has four million followers on Vine. She also has an enormous fan base on Twitter and Instagram. Nick Bateman calls them both sisters, but there are no official details about his family.

Nick Bateman has been in a romantic relationship with Maria Corrigan since 2008.


Nick Bateman and Maria Corrigan

On the other hand, his mother Debbie Rockwell often takes pictures with her son Nick and sometimes takes part in promoting her son’s projects. One of those projects is the upcoming movie “Ugly Love” which got its first teaser trailer back in 2015, and it is still in the “production hell”. But his mother decided to promote Bateman and his new role with the comment:”I should get a million for giving birth to him… so there”.

All in all, Nick Bateman is a good looking guy and he founded his entire career based on that. He started training when he was a child and he loves martial arts. In every single interview, he mentions that he loved ninja turtles when he was little. That is why he wanted to become one, so he started training karate. That is basically how he started his career.


Model Nick Bateman

Nick Bateman Education and Career

As we mentioned earlier, Nick Bateman started his education by learning martial arts and has won 4 martial arts Titles. He graduated from Capilano University in Vancouver BC when he was 20 and he immediately opened his own Karate school. That had lasted for a couple of years before he decided to start learning acting and to pursue a better-paid career.

His first lead role was in a not so good movie called “Hobo with a Shotgun”. He starred alongside Ruther Hauer and Gregory Smith in that one, but critics buried it…

Nick Bateman Instagram

The art of management and entrepreneurship are bright sides of Bateman’s character. He is going to push forward no matter what. After he failed with “Hobo with a Shotgun”, he turned to social media. Bateman made an account on Instagram and started posting his photographs. After he had seen which photos are popular and which aren’t, he adjusted his strategy.  That is how he now has over 6.5 Million followers and that is a huge army of potential movie goers. The main strategy he is using somewhat looks narcissistic. Every single photo is either him naked or him in front of some building, etc. Dude is using his attributes to make money. His personality and character are not like that at all. We learned that by listening to his interviews.



Nick Bateman today

Nick’s Ugly Love

His next project is going to be a movie called “Ugly Love”. The interesting thing is that he is pushing that project from the beginning. According to the interview, he gave a couple of years ago, fans were the one who gave him the idea. That was a time of “50 Shades of Grey”. Fans saw some similarities between the Colleen Hoover’s “Ugly Love” and E.L. James’s “50 Shades of Grey”. They started flooding Bateman’s Instagram feed, pointing out that he would be the best possible actor for the main role.

He then noticed that the author of the book is following him on Twitter. He contacted the author of the book, publishers and movie studios and in the end, he made them give the movie a green light. However, the movie got the green light in 2014, teaser trailer and a release date for 2015, and it is still not finished. We couldn’t find any news about it, and the IMDB page is currently without writers, directors and it doesn’t even have any actors bounded to that project. Not even Bateman, although he does have a trailer with him in it.

Is Nick Gay?

Because of his good looks, the way how he is making his photographs and because there aren’t many photographs with his girlfriend, there is a popular rumor that Nick Bateman is gay. There aren’t actual proofs for that, and since he is in a long-term relationship with Maria Corrigan, we can safely state that Nick Bateman is not gay.

Nick Bateman Measurements

Nick Bateman measurements are something that almost any guy out there wants to achieve with his body. The dude’s chest is 41” (104cm), waist 32” (81cm), hips 39” (99cm) and he is 6ft 2in tall (187cm).


Nick Bateman as a model

Nick Bateman Ethnicity

Nick Bateman is white and he has Canadian Citizenship, although he lives in the United States.

[table caption=”Biography & Facts” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|350″ colalign=”left|center”]
Born:,November 18. 1986.
Profession:,Actor and model
Net Worth:,N/A
Hair Color:,Brown
Eye Color:,Brown
Height:,6ft 2in (187cm)
Married to:,N/A
Affair with:,N/A
Birth Sign:,Scorpio
Education:,Capilano University

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