Nicole Curtis Biography

Nicole Curtis is a house redecorator and renovator, real estate agent, television anchor and a proud mom of two. She is best known for her TV show called “Rehab Addict” which premiered on October 13, 2010, on the DIY network. Over time she became an administrative producer of the show. In that show, she rehabs houses in Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio.

Nicole Curtis Age

Nicole Curtis was born on August 20, 1976. At the time of writing this article, she is 41 years old.

Nicole Curtis Partner and Family

She is single at the moment as far as we know. Nicole Curtis has not been married but she has two sons from two different “bad relationships”. When she was 22, she gave birth to Ethan. His father is Steve Lane and he got arrested for manslaughter when Nicole was two months pregnant. So Ethan was born seven months into Lane’s sentence. The kid was 12 when “Rehab Addict” started shooting.


Nicole Curtis with her sons

Her second (known to the public) boyfriend was Shane Maguire. The two of them were going out from time to time and she got pregnant with him too. She revealed that she was six months into the pregnancy with her second child on social media. She also said that she broke up with Maguire right after she found out that she is pregnant. She wrote in her autobiography that Maguire didn’t want to be a father. Of course, they fought on a court for custody and Curtis won. Her first son is called Ethan and her second son (born in May of 2015) is Harper.

Nicole Curtis relationship with parents has also seen better days. She went to court with her mother because she filed a restraining order against her. Joan Curtis, Nicole’s mother claimed that her daughter was threatening phone calls and text messages.


Nicole Curtis and her ex-husband Shane Maguire

That strange relationship escalated the moment Nicole’s grandmother died. She received the news of her death really bad because she loved her very much. She went that far, that the feud was actually caused by that death. All the fuss was created because her mother didn’t call her to pick out dress and flowers for her grandmother’s funeral.

Nicole Curtis Education and Career

Nicole graduated from Lake Orion High School in 1994. Her parents owned a garbage business in Detroit. She has a brother Ryan Curtis. He is an actor.

Curtis went to two colleges, Florida and Michigan.


Nicole Curtis today

Nicole Curtis parents didn’t have a lot of money so they didn’t buy new things. That is why she had to decorate her own room with the old things she found at garage sales or in second-hand shops. And she knew how to pick the perfect combination for any room. That is how he learned her trade.

She tried to study law in college, but after the graduation, she gave birth to her first son. That changed everything because suddenly she didn’t have any time to continue her studies. She had to find a job. That is why she decided to start her own cleaning business. That effort paid up since she got a real estate license and began to renovate old homes in Minneapolis.

Nicole Curtis Rehab Addict


“Rehab Addict” (Nicole Curtis)

In 2009, Magnetic Productions started looking for a blond real-estate agent for a new reality show. They found Nicole Curtis’s ad and asked her to record a pilot. The main idea was to find old homes and renovate them, but only to restore the old shine of those places, not to install anything modern or to change those houses in any way. Filming crew started following Nicole and that is how they created “Rehab Addict”.

The show debuted on October 14, 2010, on the DIY network. It started showing on HGTV in January 2014 with the 4th season. The HGTV started showing it in prime time. The show went to Ohio, Michigan, and Minnesota.

The production of the show is currently “on pause” because of undisclosed reasons.


Hot bodied Nicole Curtis in bikini

Nicole Curtis Book

Curtis even wrote a book named “Better Than New: Lessons I’ve Learned From Saving Old Homes (And How They Saved Me)”. It was a USA Today bestseller for the first time. The book describes her private affairs, personal achievements, bad love decisions, and it gives a wide variety of motivation lessons for all of us.

Nicole Curtis started recording her audio version of the book on February 18, 2017. There was no other news on that subject other than it is going to be different than the original.

Nicole Curtis Net Worth 2019 and Salary

Nicole Curtis’s estimated net worth is somewhere around $7 Million.

Is Nicole Curtis Lesbian?

On the basis of her history and past relationships, we don’t think that Nicole is lesbian. But she does have some bad luck with boys.

Nicole Curtis Ethnicity

Nicole Curtis is white and she is a citizen of the United States of America.

Biography & Facts
Born: August 20 1976
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: White
Religion: N/A
Profession: House redecorator and renovator / real estate agent / television anchor and administrative producer
Net Worth: $ 7 Million
Salary: N/A
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Dark-brown
Height: 5 Feet 3 Inch
Weight: 56 kg
Married to: No
Affair with: N/A
Children: 2 sons (Ethan and Harper)
Birth Sign: Leo
Education: Lake Orion High School