Nikolaj Coster Waldau Biography

Nikolaj Coster Waldau is Danish actor, mostly recognized for his role of Jamie Lanister on HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” Before getting the role of one of the more popular characters both in the books and in the series, Nikolaj was mostly popular only in his home country of Denmark. He has already established himself there and was looking for a way to advance his career. Being cast in the “Game of Thrones” was what introduced him to a more mainstream audience.

Nikolaj Coster Waldau was making quite a career for himself when he started acting. He had some very popular movies while appearing in his homeland. Most notable movies include “Nightwatch” (1994), which made him famous, but also “Misery Harbor” (1999) and “Bent” (1997).


Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in “Game of Thrones”

In the early 2000s, Nikolaj started making a successful transition to the US. His first major role was being cast in Radley Scott’s “Black Hawk Down” (2001). He then continued with roles in “Enigma” (2001), “My Name is Modesty” (2004) and “The Kingdom of the Heaven” (2005). He gained a lot of recognition by being cast as a lead in his first project. Unfortunately, it was a short lived TV series aired on Fox TV titled “New Amsterdam” where he played John Amsterdam, an immortal homicide detective. In 2011, he also appeared in another successful Danish project as he was the star in “Headhunters” an adaption of Jo Nesbo’s novel.

But his most famous role came in the form of Jamie Lanister when he was cast in HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” He quickly became one of the fan favorites, despite the obnoxious demeanor of the character in earlier seasons. The transformation that his character went through also brought Nikolaj a lot of praise form the public. For that he was given a number of awards and nominations because of his acting skills that he displayed on this show. Roles came linking for Nikolaj after the success of “Game of Thrones” and his IMDB credit now includes such moveis as “Mama” (2013), “Oblivion” (2013), “A Thousand Times Good Night” (2013), “A Second Chance” (2014) and “Gods of Egypt” (2016).


Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Brenton Thwaites in “Gods of Egypt”

Nikolaj Coster Waldau Net Worth and Salary

Nikalaj Coster Waldau is surprisingly one of the most valued stars of the HBO’s “Game of Thrones” series. With much bigger names than him joining the list, he manages to top it with a net worth of about 16 million dollars. Nikolaj is probably good with his money and has managed to earn a substantial amount throughout his career. It helps him being among the highest paid actors on the show as well with a salary of about 500,000 dollars per episode.

Nikolaj Coster Waldau Wife and Family

Nikolaj Coster Waldau is a happily married mane. He has been married to Greenlandic actress and singer, Nukâka, since 1998. Their marriage has been graced with two children as they have two daughters together, Filippa and Safina. Fillippa has already starred her own acting career as she has appeared in “The Girl and the Dogs,”  movie shown at the Cannes festival in 2014.


Nikolaj Coster-Waldau with his wife Nukaka and daughters Filippa and Safina

Nikolaj Coster Waldau Age

Nikolaj Coster Waldau was born on 27 July, 1970, making him 47 years old currently. He was born in Rudkøbing, Denmark, and his mother and father are Hanne Søborg Coster and Jørgen Oscar Fritzer Waldau. His father unfortunately died as he was a struggling alcoholic which Nikolaj has mentioned a few times. This also led to his parents eventually getting separated. His siblings also include two older sisters, Dorte Coster-Waldau and Rikke Coster-Waldau. During his youth Nikolaj spent most of his time in a very small town called Tybjerg. He would become the youngest Danish actor to enter in Danish National School of Theatre and Contemporary Dance, which he attended in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Height and Weight

Nikolaj Coster Waldau is perfect for playing the role of Jamie Lanister. Most fans of the books and the show state that he looks the way George R.R. Martin has written him to be all those years ago. He is handsome and tall and is everything that you would expect from the knight and protector of the Seven Kingdoms to be. He stands 6 ft 2 in or 188 cm tall and weighs 87 kg or 192 pounds. His measurements are chest 43 in or 109 cm, biceps 16 in or 41 cm and waist 34 in or 86 cm.


Nikolaj Coster Waldau

Nikolaj Coster Waldau Football Supporter

Not a lot of people are familiar with Nikolaj Coster Waldau’s favorite past time. He is an avid football fan and loves supporting his favorite club. But contrary to what you might guess, he is actually a supporter of an English Championship club, Leeds United. He is Leeds United Supporter’s Trust member and loves to see their games whenever he can.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Nikolaj Coster Waldau is Danish by nationality and Caucasian by ethnicity. He also has German ancestry on this father’s side.

Biography & Facts
Born: July 27 1970
Nationality: Danish
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Religion: N/A
Profession: Actor
Net Worth: $16 million
Salary: 500000 dollars per "Game of Thrones" episode
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Green
Height: 6 ft 2 in or 188 cm
Weight: 87 kg or 192 lbs
Married to: Nukâka
Affair with: N/A
Children: 2 (daughters Filippa and Safina)
Birth Sign: Leo
Education: Danish National School of Theatre and Contemporary Dance Copenhagen (Denmark)