Oh Well’s Latest Production ‘Insomnia’, a Review

Oh Well is an artist who is living proof of the creativity, the way he gives the exact vibes and makes us empathic about the main thing Insomnia, with his latest music video, which is a group of many emotions, background sounds and the main thing, artist’s vocal facilities.

The music videos make us face the problems of insomnia, how it feels, how it manages your daily life, and how it transforms you into another human being with a different kind of world. 

We like how the following lyrics –

In the middle of the night

Can’t sleep about it

Can’t get one wink

Keep blinking about it

It gives us an opportunity of interpretation, imagining how to keep blinking about it is with the problem of insomnia of keep thinking about it because if the problem of insomnia is hard, the way harder it becomes to escape. 

It is interesting to watch how the girl’s life in the music video is a visual presentation of insomnia, the color tones of the video attract me, it moves and changes according to the artist’s voice pitches and transfers us in his world, which is a fantastic thing what an artist can do!

We like how it ends, the way motions rapidly change frame by frame, so It can give us the higher level of impressions and when it finally enhances in our mind and body it suddenly gives us not the actual feeling of a point, but an infinite place, so we keep thinking about it…

Oh Well really feels the words, and that is the first main ingredient to be a qualified artist, so we would like to recommend Oh Well, and are willing to hear more of this artist. Check and discover him on your own on Hotsta, also on Instagram  and you will have no doubt! 

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