Olivia Washington to Make her Theater Debut

Olivia Washington, one of four daughters of Denzel Washington, is not waiting around for things to happen. She is taking matters into her own hands and taking action to further her career. She is certainly not an actress who is going to wait on her much famous father to help her advance in her career. Instead she is taking up appearing on stage in a theater.

She is going to join the Masterworks Theater Company, located on 47th Street Theater on Broadway and this is their first show and Olivia’s as well. Olivia is set to perform Tennessee Williams’ “The Glass Menagerie” in front of an audience of 199 people, which is the capacity of the theater.

Their goal is to present theatrical classics with diverse casts to young people, with a motto that states “igniting the next generation of audiences.” Olivia is pretty happy with the prospect and feels happy with this project and states “”It’s my first show as well as their first show so we’re definitely growing up together,”

Kimber Lynn Eastwood and Her Relationship with Clint

The many children that Clint Eastwood has borne over the years are catching up to him. He probably does not have time to hang out with every one of them. Kimber Lynn Eastwood is the eldest and first daughter of six which Clint had with five different women, but is his relationship really that well with all of them. Some of their children have incited unhappiness of how they are treated. Clint is surely a busy man but you may think that he would find time to at least speak with some of them.

Scott says that he did not get a cent from his dad and that he does not owe his career to Clint at all. He even first auditioned under a pseudonym and did not want to use the name Eastwood at first. Kimber Lynn is the oldest and it appears that she got the worst out of it. She has even stated that when she used to call her father she would get his office where people stated that he is not in at the moment and that he will call back later. The calls of course never came. Clint almost made a scene on Alison’s wedding when he had a fight with his latest ex-wife Dina. Maybe Clint is a great and famous actor but it does not make him a good father I guess.


Abigail Hawk will star in Domenica Cameron-Scorsese’s New Movie

Domenica Cameron-Scorsese’s new movie titled “Almost Paris” is going to be out soon. This is the directorial debut of the daughter of the famous filmmaker Martin Scorsese. Although the movie which Domenica made is not a “Departed” or a “Shutter Island,” it us what you would expect from a first movie and a starting role. The movie sees a former banker coming back to his hometown where he has to take account for his past actions.

He starts to reconnect with his old friends and family members and in a way learns that he has to give back as well. One of the starts of the movie is Abigail Hawk, who is honored to be a part of the project. She has recently been seen on the Tribeca Film Festival where the movie was shown. The good reviews make both Abigail happy which has maybe landed a role which could further her career forward. She immediately saw this movie as a great opportunity and stated that it is a good story.

Teri Polo Compares her Life and the One on the “Fosters”

The “Fosters” are entering their fifth season on television and the show is still maintaining its craze both with the critics and the audiences. Their introduction of family roles and relationships has an interesting take and exploring it makes this show fun to watch. One of the starts of the show, Teri Polo, who plays a mother in a same sex-marriage where they have five children, compares the situations from the show to her real life.

She says that sometimes the problems can be similar and she really likes being a part of this show. She has two children back home, a 15-year old son and a 9-year old daughter, and sometimes things can get pretty feisty. Teri says that her life is not at all as interesting as the one seen on TV and says that her situation is more mundane than the things we see on TV. But sometimes it can get pretty crazy and there are similar problems that have to be tackled. Teri says that no mother how small or insignificant things get, they still have to be resolved. She even confessed that she sometimes feels like she is a bad mother, but realizes in the end that nobody is perfect and that we just have to do our best.


Josina Anderson has some Things to say about the Current NFL Situation

Josina Anderson was highly critical about the current NFL situation. The biggest news coming into the 2017 season is the same one from the 2016. Not former 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick decided to protest and give a voice to the oppressed African Americans and protested the anthem by deciding to take a knee. The same quarterback has left the 49ers this season and is a free agent on the market. But it seems that nobody is willing to give him a job now. The only team to come remotely close are the Seattle Seahawks, but it appears that things are still not working out there. Colin’s actions last season might have just sealed his fate as he might end up losing his job things year.

Josina said that NFL should not treat him as an outcast and that he did not doo anything wrong except standing what he thought was right. His actions are surely why nobody is willing to give him a job now. She even went on to compare the situation with Michael Vick, which ended up in prison, and still managed to get back as teams wanted him back. But what is the deal with Kaepernick, he did not assault anybody, he did not go to prison, he only stood for his belief. We all thought that America was supposed to be the land of the free, but it appears that we are still nitpicking on who is free and who is not.


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