Pasionaye Nguyen Biography

Pasionaye Nguyen is a mother of a famous rapper Tyga. She is not a celebrity and she has never acted as such. As the matter of fact, she has always been very quiet and (if you can characterize someone as that) not interested in fame. She had a very tough life, especially in the field of romance. She was a victim of domestic violence, and although her ex-husband is now serving his lifetime sentence, those old wounds are never going to heal.

Pasionaye Nguyen Age

Mrs. Nguyen was born in 1973. The exact date is not known and it has never been unveiled to the public. At the time of writing this article, Pasionaye is 44 years old at the time of writing this article.

Pasionaye Nguyen Partner and Family

It is difficult to research someone’s life when you know that it is a tragic one. She is the older sister of Cece Nguyen. Her mother’s name is Kim Nguyen and she is an old Vietnamese lady, who knows a little bit of English and she lives in a modest apartment in suburbs of Los Angeles.


Pasionaye Nguyen with her son Tyga

Now about the difficult part. Her husband (or ex-husband) is an African American. The two of them lived in Compton, California. She got pregnant really early and gave birth to “Tyga” on November 19, 1989, in Compton California. She raised him all by herself. They had to move to Gardena, California when Tyga was 12 years old. She gave him the nickname, although his real name is Michael Ray Stevenson and doesn’t have anything with the nickname, Tyga. At least not phonetically. She wanted to call him not Tyga, but Tiger. She liked that, because of their mixed ancestry. And “Tiger” means the same exact thing in languages of all the nations he has in his blood (Asian, African American, Native American, and Dutch). However, that nickname has the second meaning too. It is an acronym derived from Thank You God Always.

Tyga had some problems with the law. Some minor problems, when you compare them with the problems his father has caused. According to some sources and numerous websites, his father had a really notorious reputation in Compton. He was accused of possession, unlawful carrying of a gun, and domestic violence. He started serving a life sentence in March 1991.

Allegedly, Tyga’s father found a new religion in prison. He contacted his son and apologized in one of his letters. Tyga also published that letter on his Twitter account. In it, his father said that 25 years in prison changed him. He regrets not being with his family.

Because Tyga, has never had any real fatherly figure in his life, he used a celebrity… His only fatherly figure was Tupac Shakur.

He even wrote that in one of his posts on Twitter.

“Pac taught me a lot more than my own father. Inspired me, Motivated Me, Listened without ever being there,” he wrote.

King Cairo Stevenson

The most important part, Pasionaye had in her son’s public life is his love life. She supported him while he was with Blac Chyna (Angela White), later with Kylie Jenner, and with Blac Chyna again… Let’s try to explain this…


Blac Chyna with Pasionaye Nguyen

Tyga and Blac Chyna were engaged. They have a son named King Cairo Stevenson. They got separated and he met a 17 year old Kylie Jenner. His family was very supportive (his grandma the most). They didn’t mind the age gap and everything was going well. In the same time, Blac Chyna started hanging out with Kylie Jenner’s step-brother Rob Kardashian. She has a daughter with him, named Dream.

Well, Tyga and Kylie Jenner are not together anymore, and she started dating Travis Scott.

On the other hand, Blac Chyna is not engaged to Rob Kardashian and they got separated too. However, they are fighting for a custody over their daughter Dream.

In the end, some reporters saw Tyga and Blac Chyna together, back in May. So, maybe everything is going to come to its original state. Who knows…

Pasionaye Nguyen Social Media.

Pasionaye is not someone who likes to be famous and spied on. She doesn’t like social networks either. She only has a Facebook account and that one was has not seen any new posts for years now. You can find her Facebook account here.


Pasionaye Nguyen

Pasionaye Nguyen Net Worth

There are no details about Pasionaye career or education. Her actual net worth is unknown. Since she is relying on her son, his money is her money too. Tyga’s net worth is $2 million.

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