Peter Shinkoda Biography


Peter Shinkoda is a Canadian actor known for his appearances on TV and in movies. He is mostly known for acting in action movies as his background in martial arts helps him get those kinds of roles. As some of the most memorable roles are the series such as “Falling Skies”, where he plays the character of Dai a scientist. He also starred in “Mortal Kombat Legacy” where he played Sektor. The most recent endeavor is the Netflix “Daredevil” show where he plays a ninja warrior of the hand called Nobu Yoshioka.

Peter Shinkoda did not plan a career in acting at fist. He parents had other plans for him. But he eventually went to Los Angeles where he stared doing editing gigs and acting projects. He had a lot of editing jobs to do not finish almost any of them as acting was a priority. He made this as his primary choice and has gone on to star in many shows and movies. Some of his earlier projects included appearances on “Mighty Morphine Power Rangers”, “Da Vinci’s Inquest”, “Cold Squad” and “Dark Angel”. But since then he stared in many acclimated shows on TV like “Kingdom Hospital”, “The L Word”, “Supernatural”, “Hawaii Five-0” and “Stairgate SG-1”. He still remains most memorable for Steven Spielberg’s “Falling Skies” and Marvel’s “Daredevil”.


Peter Shinkoda in “Falling Skies”

Peter Shinkoda has also had a very prolific movie career. Even though he usually plays a backing role or has a smaller part or even acting because of his marital arts skills, he has been able to put a memorable performance every time and appeared in some very good movies. Some of them include “Paycheck” (2003), “I, Robot” (2004),”War” (2007), “Godzilla” (2014), and many more.


Peter Shinkoda in “Daredevil” Season 2

Peter Shinkoda Net Worth and Salary

Peter Shinkoda has been able to make a prolific career for himself. His latest projects on TV have earned him a bigger salary. The Netflix shows in the related Marvel universe are a great cash grab for anyone who appears there. This brought Peter a bigger overall worth as he now has 700,000 dollars as his net worth.

Peter Shinkoda Girlfriend

Peter Shinkoda is not married and has never been. This also means that he has never had to divorce as well. But as we came to know Peter is currently dating Veronica Jarvi. He and Veronica were first secret about their affair, but recently came public about it. They do not mind displaying their affection in public now and on social media as well. Peter regularly posts photos on Instagram and Twitter with his girlfriend.


Peter Shinkoda and Veronica Jarvi

Peter Shinkoda Age

Peter Shinkoda is currently 46 years old. He was born on March 25, 1971 in Montreal, Canada. He grew up there alongside his younger brother Daren and they both were expected to become engineer or doctors. But Peter w sintered in entertainment more than anything else. So it came as a surprise to the entire family when he tried to become an actor. He was also good at sports and marital arts when he was young and it helped him to do all of his stunts in the future. He moved to Toronto at the ge of 18 and enrolled at the University of Western Ontario. But he left only after one year and went on to Los Angeles where he studied Post Production for Film and Television at UCLA.

Height and Weight

Even now Peter Shinkoda is maintaining his body to perfection. All of the stunt work, sports and martial arts training that he has done have enabled him to be perfectly conditioned. He enjoys doing all of the crazy stunt work you see him perform on TV and the “Daredevil” series has been able to display Peter’s full potential in the character of Nobu. He is 173 cm tall and weighs about 70 kg.


Peter Shinkoda

Peter Shinkoda Piano

Before getting into sports and finally decide to go acting, Peter Shinkoda was a very talented pianist. At a very early age he got interested in music and it was mostly due to his parents who enrolled him in a music school. It came to a point that at age 13 he became one of the best young pianist in Canada. But he once he got interested in acting he gave up on his music career and went to chase his glory in America.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Peter Shinkoda is of Canadian nationality as he was born and raised there. He is Asian-Canadian by ethnic group as his parents have moved to Canada from Japan before Peter was born.

Biography & Facts
Born: March 25 1971
Nationality: Canadian
Ethnicity: Asian-Canadian
Religion: N/A
Profession: Actor
Net Worth: $700000
Salary: N/A
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Married to: N/A
Affair with: N/A
Children: N/A
Birth Sign: Aries
Education: Post Production for Film and Television at UCLA