Peyton Meyer Biography

Peyton Meyer is an emerging young actor who has started his career on the Disney Channel. He is still young and has still not reached the peak in his career but has plenty of time to do it. He is known for his role of Lucas Friar which he reprised in many of Disney Channel shows, both as main, recurring and guest role. His rising career is also confirmed with two recent nominations as he was tipped for the Young Artist Award in the category of Outstanding Young Ensemble in a TV Series 2015 and the Teen Choice Awards in the category of Choice Summer TV Actor in 2016.

Peyton started his career first with a recurring role in the Disney Channel’s “Dog with a Blog” series where he appeared in 9 episodes in total in the period between 2013 and 2014 as he played the character of Wes Manning. He would then be cast in a main role as Lucas Friar in “Girl Meets World,” which was a spinoff series of the more popular “Boy Meets World” show. This was his most prolific role yet and has also made a guest starring role as the same character in “Best Friends Whenever” in the episode titled “Cyd and Shelby’s Hunted Escape.”

After proving himself in TV shows, he was cast in his first movie role as he played in the 2016 family comedy move called “Gibby.” Peyton Meyer is on the right path and he is destined to go places with the number of roles that he has been getting in recent years. In his free time he still enjoys surging and snowboarding and likes to play a little bit of baseball.


Peyton Meyer as a Lucas Friar

Peyton Meyer Net Worth and Salary

Since Peyton Meyer’s popularity started growing so has his income. His acting career has taken a turn ever since he got his big break with the role of Lucas Friar and according to the latest estimations his salary for the previous year amounted to $117,647 in total. This has been his highest yearly income to date and as it has already been rising year after year, we only assume that he is going to get more famous and that the salary is going to get bigger. Currently his net worth is evaluated at 1 million dollars.

Partner and Family

Peyton Meyer is still very young to have been married. Although there are not many information about him having a girlfriend currently it has been reported that he is single and that he is mainly dating anonymously. He keeps his relationships secret and does not want to share them with the public. There have been some rumors that he had some interests and relationships with his co-stars on the Disney Channel, but Peyton managed to keep this a secret. So generally speaking he has never been divorced and is too young to have children and no affairs yet under his belt.


Peyton Meyer (2015)

His family includes his parents and his siblings. His parents are Elizabeth and Robert Meyer and he also has two brothers, Cole and Dillon Meyer.

Peyton Meyer Age

Peyton Meyer was born on 24 November 1998, making him currently 18 years old. He is still a rising star and has the whole world in front of him. He was born in Las Vegas where he lives with his parents but travels a lot due to his acting jobs.


Peyton Meyer shows his abs on the beach

Peyton Meyer Height and Weight

Although still 18, Peyton Meyer is quite tall for his age. He managed to reach 5 feet and 11 inches tall and he might still grow a few inches as well. His weight is about 68 kg.

Is Peyton Meyer Gay?

Like with every popular person in the industry, there have been rumors that Peyton Meyer is gay. But these rumors have not been a hundred percent confirmed. He was not seen in public with any boyfriends and displays the behavior of a normal teenage boy. His dating record is still good even though keeping most of his girlfriends a secret. But we figure there are some of the girls that he dated which are going to confirm him being totally heterosexual.


Peyton Meyer

Nationality and Ethnicity

Peyton Meyer was born in America and his parents and family as well. This makes his nationality American and his ethnic type is male Caucasian.

[table caption=”Biography & Facts” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|350″ colalign=”left|center”]
Born:, 1998. November 24.
Net Worth:,$1 Million
Salary:,$117.647 for 2016.
Hair Color:,Brown
Eye Color:,Green
Height:,5 feet and 11 inches
Weight:,68 kg
Married to:,No
Affair with:,No
Birth Sign:,Sagittarius

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