Phil Kim Might be Offended by This

It is prejudiced to think that most Asian people look alike. This is something that Phil Kim, the husband of actress Grace Park, has been expressive towards recently. Namely the press has a lot to do with it as it appears that they cannot tell him apart from Grace’s co-factor from “Hawaii-O.” Grace’s colleague from the show is also a Korean-born actor, Daniel Dae Kim, who made his name heard with “Lost.”

But the press cannot tell their Asians apart as they have reported a story of Grace being seen with her husband, when it was actually Daniel not Phil. Phil is not jealous of the fact as the pictures have not shown any misdealing on both the actors part, it is just that the put the wrong person in the wrong place. Phil is not seen in the public eye so much and because of his work is rarely seen in public. Maybe the journalists wanted to make a story and released the pictures or they are just ignorant when it comes to racial stereotyping.

Daniel Lissing Stays True to the Dark Personality of Jesse James

In the upcoming season of “Timeless,” we will see the gang visit the old west and get acquainted with some important figures of the period. The mid-season trailer showed that the gang is going to pop up at the Chicago World Fair and later embark on a trip to the old Wild West. Of course, the figure that they are going to meet there is none other than outlaw Jesse James, played by Australian-born actor Daniel Lissing. Even though he is form another country, Daniel is firmly acquainted with Jesse James and is the reason why he auditioned for the role.

He says that he is going to pay homage to this role and already states it as one of his favorites. Daniel also said that he tries to explore Jesse’s dark personality with his portrayal. He also mentioned that he needed to do a lot of practice drawing a weapon as Jesse was known for having two pistols at his side. If you want to see how this comes out to be tune in to see the “Timeless.”


Daniel Lissing and Erin Krakow

Bill O’Reilly Sues his Ex-Wife

After a very messy and extensive divorce scandal between host Bill O’Reilly and Maureen McPhilmy, we already got used to hearing a lot of slander. The divorce was finalized and Maureen got a great chunk of the fortune from Bill after it was proven that he was very abusive during their marriage. Now, labeled as a wife-beater Bill is trying to turn things around and has sued his wife for having extra-marital affairs during the time while they were still together. With allegedly forced him to such behavior.

Yeah, right Bill, and then what happened? He also emphasizes that she used the money from her divorce to fund her extramarital activities. Maureen is currently in a very happy relationship with policeman Jeffery Gross, who recently got promoted to a detective in Nassau County Police. Now everybody who knows Jeff claims that he was a widow and a very decent man and a father of two. So it is hard to believe he prompted or forced Maureen to do this. For now, it seems that Bill’s claims are unbiased but he pursues with his own idea of getting out of the scandal he put himself in.


Maureen E. McPhilmy (old photo)

Mat Picks Up Alexia From Soccer Practice

Matt Damon and his adopted daughter Alexia Barroso have a perfect father-daughter relationship. Even though she is not his real child, he threats her as if she were. We see some pictures of Matt taking her to soccer practice and staying and cheering her own during the whole training session. Afterwards he gave her a hug and drove her home. Matt is acting like a true parent and has often emphasized that he does not want Alexia to feel as if she is not a part of their family.

He views her as an equal to his other children and has a perfect relationship with her. If we are to believe the pictures, Alexia feels the same as she is very much excited after getting a supportive hug after the game from her pop.


Alexia Barroso with family

Heather and Mathew Make Frequent Appearances Together

The life of a celebrity is a very hard one, and one has to keep away from the paparazzi and nosey reports whenever you can. When it comes to Mathew Lillard and Heather Helm, there are not feisty details to report on. The couple has been together forever and it is as if they never had a fight together, it is either that or they are doing a pretty good job hiding it. Either way, the most recent appearance that the couple made was at the “Twin Peaks” release where they took some pictures together and attended the show. Actually, this is a rare opportunity to see them really in their own as they do not make appearances in unofficial places. But if we are to base their relationship on these reports, it seems very much perfect.


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