Preacher Season 3 Cast

Preacher Season 3 Cast – Ever since the climactic finale of Season 2 of Preacher fans have been clamoring to find out what will happened next. If you are all caught up with the show by now, you probably know that the previous season ended with a, SPOILER ALERT, death of one of the main characters, Tulip O’Hare, portrayed magnificently by Ruth Negga. The show ends with Jesse and Cassidy driving off into the sunset with Tulip’s cold dead body in the back seat with a name of a strange town hanging in the background, “Angelville.”

If you are a comic book fan and if you have read the entire series of Vertigo’s Preacher, written by Garth Ennis and magnificently drawn by Steve Dillon and Glenn Fabry, you probably know what all of this means. But if you are a regular fan of the show who has never read a single issue of Preacher, you are probably wondering what the heck is going on here. The least that we can say and not to spoil the fun for you is that there is still hope.


Ruth Negga

The story behind Preacher the comic book and Preacher AMC series is pretty similar. The setting is pretty simple, depending on what your definition of simple is. A preacher who is on the threads of his fate gets infused with an entity called Genesis. Genesis is, as we later find out, an offspring and result of what happens when an angel and a daemon mate. The entity is so powerful that even God himself fears it and locks it away. But Genesis escapes and finds a new host in a preacher, called Jesse Custer. The entity gives all kinds of powers to Jesse but the most significant one is “the voice.” Essentially it is the voice of God which can make any person listen to the orders you are giving to him or her. With this newly acquired power and with the help of his old girlfriend, Tulip, and a newly acquired friend Cassidy, who is by the way a vampire from Ireland, go figure, they set on a quest to find God.

The show essentially follows the same premise, with a few changes here and there. But what makes this show unique is that a casual viewer who does not know anything about the comic books can enjoy it the same way as a raging comic book fan cane. It makes it very intriguing to watch. So since season here is on its way, we are here to talk about the characters who are returning and who might appear. If some of the assumption turn out to be true, it is not our fault since we have not seen the show yet. But just in case, POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD!

Jesse Custer

Jesse Custer is the main protagonist of the show and the force which drives both the comic books and the AMC series. So it goes without saying that we are going to see much more of Jesse Custer, here magnificently portrayed by Dominic Cooper. The last time we saw Jesse he was left New Orleans carrying his dead girlfriend in the back of a car with his best, and perhaps only fiend, Cassidy. If we are to trust the comic books we are embarking on one of the most twisted and disturbing parts of them.

Jesse will have to take a break from searching, or rather hunting God, and take a detour to visit his family. Angelville is one part of Jesse’s past that he has always wanted to forget. But in order to help his girlfriend he has to go and see his long and forgotten family.


Dominic Cooper in “Preacher”

Tulip O’Hare

Tulip is in the back seat of a car lying dead! Wait? So how does this mean that she will get back for The Preacher season 3? The thing about the comic books is that she does get killed and she does in deed come back to life. But what makes things interesting here is the way she is going to be resurrected. The fans of the comic books know this story very well, but the difference here is going to be the method this is going to be done. The earlier mentioned Jesse’s family will probably be the driving force behind it. The finale of season 2 told us that they are going to Angelville, so we are probably going to see more of Tulip in the future.


Cassidy is perhaps the most complex character of them all, but you have yet to see the full side of his story. While the comic books have analyzed, dissected and interpreted his character in so many layers, the show is yet to do that. The previous season has only scratched the surface of his past and we saw that with his son who he involuntarily turned into a vampire to save him, after which he decided that it was a better idea to destroy him.

Cassidy is magnificently portrayed by Joseph Gilgun, who has won the hearts of both viewers and readers alike. The love triangle between Cassidy, Jesse and Tulip has started to develop in the previous season. We have yet to see what will happen next here. So be ready to probably see a clash between two friends once Tulip gets back to life.


Arseface/Eugene Root

Arsface or Eugene Root is probably the character in Preacher whose story ark has suffered the most amount of changes compared to the show. In the comic books, Arsface starts as a deeply scared individual, both physically and mentally. We soon get to find out more about his story from one part to the next. But the fact of the matter is, that in comic books he never really becomes anything specific than what he started off with. He turns into a comic relief and it really gets annoying to read the mumbling sound he makes because of his deformed face. But Ian Colletti’s Arseface is much more than that.

First of all, they tend to call him by his real name in the show, Eugene. The complexity of his character has been developed in AMC’s Preacher and although he ends up in Hell in season 1, we quickly get to see more of his side of the story in season 2. For now we know that Eugene has managed to escape Hell with none other than Hitler by his side. Here we are threading into uninspected territory because this part does not exit in the comic books. It is a toss-up of what may happen.

Saint of Killers/The Cowboy

The Cowboy, the Gunslinger, the Butcher of Gettysburg or simply the Saint of Killers. Probably one of the coolest characters in the comic books and certainly my favorite. In the comic books he is unleased from his resting place to hunt down and bring back Genesis to Heaven. He leaves a bloody mess of victims behind him and will stop at nothing to get his prey. His guns never miss and they have been forged from the broken sword of Angel of Death. His soul was empty and his heart was so cold that he managed to freeze hell itself and he was even not worthy enough to stay there.

That is why he was transformed into the Saint of Killers with vengeance only on his mind. AMC’s Saint of Killers is not a lot different when it comes to ruthlessness and the thirst to kill. He looks exactly the same as in the comic books, props to Graham McTavish, and he kills with the same ferocity and blood lust. In season 1 we learn about The Cowboy and we see him stuck in Hell relieving the death of his family over and over again. At the end of the season, the Cowboy is recruited and set on the hunt to find Jesse.


Graham McTavish’ body

At the very start of Season 2 we are introduced to the Saint of Killers and his abilities. We soon get to learn more about the legend behind him and the way he leaves only bodies behind. This unstoppable force starts pursing Jesse in order to catch and kill him and get Genesis back to Heaven. And there is a twist to all of this, the Saint of Killers is also impervious to the “word” that Jesse possesses since the Saint does not have any soul. So Jesse gives a part of his soul to the Saint of Killers in order to lure him in a trap and dump him in the swamps of Angelville.

This is how the story ends so far but there is a big chance that the Saint of Killers will return. He has to! He is one of the main antagonist in the comic books and he always comes back till the very end. Maybe we don’t get to see him in the Preacher Season 3 at all and maybe they save him for Season 3. But we know that it wasn’t the last of Saint of Killers that we saw last time.