Rebecca King Crews Biography

Rebecca King Crews is an American actress, singer and songwriter. Her immense popularity has been boosted thought her marriage to a popular actor Terry Crews. The have been married for more than 25 years now and are fabulously in love. Their marriage has been blissful and has been seen as a foundation for others and an example.

Rebecca King Crews first started modeling and tried to pursue a career by appearing in a number of pageants. She did this while she was young and even managed to win the Miss Gary of Indiana in 1984. Rebecca also started singing and acting and she appeared all over the country in certain plays and musicals. It was when she met Terry when her career started flourishing even further.

She continued to do her own thing and is now popular as a very prominent gospel singer. Her hit song is “Can I Stay.” Rebecca has also appeared in many TV shows and reality shows during her career and has even produced one. Rebecca is the star member of “The Family Crews” reality show, which she wrote and produced. Her other appearances include “E! True Hollywood Story,” “The Mo’Nique Show” and “The Queen Latifha Show.”


Rebecca King Crews

Rebecca is also faithful believer and she preaches and gives speeches about Christian faith. She is a very popular speaker and a lecturer and often appears to give her piece of mind on her faith and also the position of African-Americans in society and also mixed races as well. She is very socially aware and tires to help out the community any way she can.

Rebecca King Crews Net Worth 2019 and Salary

As far as Rebecca King Crews’ value and salary, you can bet that it is very high. She is not as rich as her husband is but has managed to be on a similar level as him throughout their careers. Together with her husband Terry Crews, Rebecca King Crews has net worth of approximately $20 million dollars. Rebecca is not worth as much as that but manages to get a little bit less based on her appearances on TV and with her singing career.

Rebecca King Crews Partner and Family


Rebecca King Crews with family

As it is known, Rebecca King Crews is currently married to actor Terry Crews. The couple wed in 1990 and have had a fabulous marriage since then without many mishaps or affairs. Before Terry, Rebecca used to date Charles Burton and was even married with him. But she divorced him and ended up marrying Terry. She has a daughter from her first marriage, named Naomi Burton-Crews, who is now the oldest and adopted daughter of Terry Crews. She was born in 1989, only a year prior when Rebecca and Terry got married.

Terry and Rebecca later had children of their own and it total have five children. Including Naomi. Their children are Azriel Crews, Isaiah Crews, Tera Crews and the youngest Wynfrey Crews. Rebecca and Terry also announced that they want another child, but this time they are thinking of adopting one in the near future.

Rebecca King Crews Age. How Old is She?

Rebecca King Crews is currently 53 years old. She was born in 1965 on 24th of December and her home town is Benton Harbor, US. She was born in a mixed marriage and is something that has defined her in her life. Her father is white and her mother belongs to the African-American ethnic group.


Rebecca King Crews and her husband Terry Crews (photo from Twitter)

Height and Weight

Being that Rebecca King Crews is a former model, she keeps to her appearance even in her 50s. It is clear that she does not have the same figure as she did before, but she still tires to look as glamourous and as best as possible. She enjoys having a stylish hair style and it is what she is recognized for recently. Her figure is still very much model-like and she reminds us on a very glamourous woman that way. She is 175 cm high, but decides to keep her weight a secret.

Is Rebecca King Crews a Lesbian?

Rebecca King Crews is not a lesbian and her sexual orientation is pretty clear. She is interested into men and her husband is there to vouch for that. She is also a devoted Christian and does not belief in gay relationships. Her teaching have made her a devoted wife and helped her throughout her life. She remains a heterosexual and there is no doubt about her being interested in any other gender except men.


Rebecca King Crews with Terry Crews

Nationality and Ethnicity

Rebecca King Crews was born in America and her nationality is clear as she is an American citizen. But her ethnicity is a bit difficult to explain as she comes from a mixed background. Her mother is of African-American descent while her father is Caucasian. This makes Rebecca half white and half black, which is the reason for her light tone of skin which she is admired for.


Rebecca King-Crews with her parents and husband

[table caption=”Biography & Facts” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|350″ colalign=”left|center”]
Born:,24th December 1965
Ethnicity:,Mixed (African-American and White)
Profession:,Actress / singer / songwriter
Net Worth:,N/A
Hair Color:,Blonde
Eye Color:,Brown
Height:,175 cm
Married to:,Terry Crews
Affair with:,No
Children:,5 (Naomi Burton-Crews – Azriel Crews – Isaiah Crews – Tera Crews – Wynfrey Crews)
Birth Sign:,Capricorn
Education:,Lew Wallace High School

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