Richard Rawlings Net Worth 2019, Age, Daughter

Richard Rawlings is an American auto mechanic, entrepreneur and TV/ Internet celebrity. The guy has a brain for business. It looks that he will never stop. As soon as he sees something which can bring him the money he pursues it with a devotion you can only see in a small number of people. It has almost destroyed his social and love life.

He is best known for the job he has been doing for the “Discovery” TV show called Fast N’ Loud. It has been one of the main focuses of the “Discovery” TV since 2012. That series has been produced by Richard Rawlings and directed by Aaron Krummel, Aaron Schurman, and William Martens. Although the main directors are the well-known reality directors, Rawlings wanted to produce this one as his own project since he raised it from the ground up and he knew the exact direction he would like it to go. But that wasn’t an easy job for Richard Rawlings and he described it all in his Autobiography “Blood, Sweat and Beers”.

How Old is Richard Rawlings?

Richard Rawlings was born on March 30, 1969, in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. At the time of writing this article Richard Rawlings is 48 years old.

Richard Rawlings Wife, Daughter, Family Info

Details about Richard Rawlings family are unknown. What we know is that he grew up in Fort Worth, Texas with his sister, children of teenage parents. His father was maybe one of the most significant factors which led him to the career of an auto mechanic because the two of them grew up without their mother. She deserted the two of them when Richard was only 2 years old.


Richard Rawlings and his wife Suzanne Marie Mergele

Richard’s father was not an auto mechanic but he was a hard working man, although he was a High School dropout. He worked two jobs, as a full-time grocery store clerk and a newspaper boy. He drove his kids with him on every single route in the morning and evening. “I suppose there’s no question where I get my work ethic”, Rawlings wrote in his autobiography.

According to some of his High School friends, Richard Rawlings wasn’t very popular in his school. But he thought that he was, and he acted accordingly. He had a geeky haircut, he was very thin and he was 100% sure that he was a true “ladies man”, although that was far from reality. However, although he lacked skills in romance, he was a pro car mechanic.

He has had three marriages, one with Karen K. Grames and the second and third one with Suzanne Marie Mergele. He god married to Karen K. Grames in 1993 and that marriage only lasted for a period of one year, so they divorced in 1994.

In 1999, Richard married Suzanne Marie Mergele and they were really happy. But everything started crumbling because of his work. He had an idea and that idea became his obsession. Richard started the Gas Monkey Garage, a company which finds ruined cars and then invests money in them, makes them look brand new and sells them for a lot of money. But he had an idea to make a reality show about his company, and he had only one TV company in mind to produce and broadcast that show.

His mission to popularize the name of his firm well enough to get recognized, made him go to a number of car shows, leaving his wife alone at home, wondering about their marriage. He didn’t cheat on her but that doubt was enough for them to get divorced in 2009.


Richard Rawlings and his wife Suzanne (old photo)

His Third marriage has just been a continuation of the previous one. The couple never stopped hanging out and they kept their friendship alive until they renewed their wedding vows in 2015.

There are some rumors that Richard has a daughter, but it is impossible to find any information about her or any photos online.

Rawlings Education and Career

Rawlings graduated from Eastern Hills High School and immediately took a beer delivery job, became a firefighter and before that a police officer. Although those weren’t the jobs he really wanted to do for the rest of his life. He wanted to make money, and there isn’t much money in those professions. So, he turned to cars.

Because he has been good with words, Rawlings got a job of being a salesman at a commercial printing company. He was very successful at that job, earning over $30,000 per month. That is how he bought his own printing company and named it “Lincoln Press of Carrollton”. That didn’t last long because he needed new challenges – bigger challenges.

Richard Rawlings Gas Monkey

His initial plan was to open a shop for custom built vehicles called “Gas Monkey Garage”. But that time was a time of highly paid successful TV shows and he wanted to make one too. That was his way of earning enough money to live rich and famous.

That was why he invested every second of his and the lives of his co-workers to promote that shop, to make a name out of it. They made super fast cars and went to car shows, raced with their cars, gave Tshirts with their company’s name to everyone and nearly bankrupted before they finally got a green light for their show. And the producers didn’t make a mistake with it. The show went viral and everyone loved it.

Promotion period lasted for full seven years and although he paid his workers, there were a couple of occasions when he didn’t have anything he could call his own.


“Gas Monkey” Aaron Kaufman vs Richard Rawlings

His show was bought and produced by Discovery and called Fast N’ Loud. It started broadcasting in 2012 and it is still popular, although he lost some of his most popular co-workers due to the exhaustion and the need to have their own lives.

Richard Rawlings Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill

In September 2013, Richard Rawlings opened Gas Monkey Bar N’Grill in Northwest Dallas. In 2014 he opened a second location at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and plans to open a third one too.

Richard Rawlings Mustang

When he was younger, Richard Rawlings was in danger of losing his Mustang. One late night when he was returning from school, he took a bullet rather than giving his Mustang to armed robbers. That is how much he loves his cars.

Richard Rawlings Net Worth 2019

Richard Rawlings will never stop earning money. That is not because he is so talented for earning money but because the guy never gives up. He is not there because of wealth but because of the art of earning and that deserves some respect out of all of us. His current Net Worth is over $20 million and his salary for every episode is over $50,000.


Richard Rawlings today

Is Richard Rawlings Gay?

The idea for Richard Rawlings gay rumors was there since his divorce in 2009. Some sources made false rumors in order to get publicity, but the guy is not gay. He is married to the love of his life.

[table caption=”Biography & Facts” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|350″ colalign=”left|center”]
Born:,March 30. 1969.
Net Worth:,$20 Million
Salary:,over $50.000 for every episode
Hair Color:,Dark-Brown
Eye Color:,Dark-Brown
Height:, 6 ft 0.835 in (185 cm)
Weight:,190 lb (86 kg)
Married to:,Suzanne Marie Mergele
Affair with:,N/A
Birth Sign:,Aries
Education:,Eastern Hills High School

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