A Romantic Start Which Ended up in Disaster

Brooke Sealey has gone through various changes in her life and has been in many different situations. She had it all good and went from a great start, only for it to end up in disaster. She is now facing difficulties about naming her son with the name of the mane she has divorced and is facing charges by her current husband. But when she was a Winston girl, she had the world at her feet. She won the Miss Winston title and was alter involved with the most famous person in the sporting in Jeff Gordon.


Brooke Sealey

The way Jeff proposed to Brooke was actually very romantic and was signaling that everything is going pretty well in their relationship. In fact, Jeff had to wait for her contract with Winston to run out as he was not supposed to be involved with any girls from the company. Finally, he proposed to her at 1994 Daytona 500 in February.

Jeff has explained that he was so nervous that he went to the bathroom five times before he actually proposed. Brooke was speechless and pleasantly surprised as well. It was a fabulous start which ended in disaster as only bad things started happening to Brooke. The only thing that she has going for her is that big divorce settlement which granted her a fortune.

Tucker Carlson Insulted the CIA

Susan Andrews, the wife of eccentric Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, explains that he has not changed from his days at college at all. He explained that he even went so far as to insult the CIA. Back then, representatives from Langley came to Trinity College to recruit and find new prospects in this prestigious college. Tucker was busy with his project, namely home-brewing a beer that he named Coal Porter. He was not at all interested to join the CIA nor support them in any way.


Susan Andrews with her daughter Hopie

The campus was split as there were both factions for and against, and in the end they decided to give a debate about the matter, with the representatives form CIA being present at the event. The anti-CIA party went on first and gave their piece. Then came the pro-CIA party who asked Tucker to give a speech on their behalf. Tucker, being himself, went on stage and simply said “Honestly, what I really think is you’re all a bunch of greasy chicken-fuckers,” and calmly walked off.

Is Jordan Lane Price Jealous?

Jordan Lane Price and Macaulay Culkin have only recently split apart. While we are not sure how Jordan is taking in all the fuss about the split, Macaulay seems to be doing all right. He was recently seen with Brenda Song going on a double date with Seth Green and his wife. They started Halloween celebrations a bit early and were attending Knott’s Berry Farm’s Knott’s Scary Farm celebrity night together.


Jordan Lane Price (Photo from Twitter)

Macaulay and Brenda were previously seen holding hands together and Brenda even posted a picture of them hanging out. Jordan does not care to comment about this but it is not clear how she feels about all of this. Brenda recently called off a marriage between her and Miley Cyrus’ brother Trey and it appears that both she and Macaulay have found a way to cope with their breakup. Jordan will probably have to figure it out by herself how she decided to continue.

Shawn Mendes Supports his Friend and Mentor

The 19-year old singer Shawn Mendes was seen recently at the concept of his role-model John Mayer. John was playing at Hotel Café in Los Angeles, while Shawn was in attendance to see and support his friend. They even posted a picture together after the show. Shawn and John previously teamed up in Toronto where they performed together for the first time.


Shawn Mendes

Shawn has always cited John as one of his best influences in life and he has even covered a number of his songs during his young career. Shawn explained that although John did not manage to appear on his latest album, he was able to provide some important tips about the songs and lyrics. He actually made a big contribution to some of the songs that you may listen to, explained Shawn Mendes. “I considered him an important friend and mentor” is what Shawn said about Mayer.

Tom Takes Issues About Being Labeled as “The Third Franc”

Not many people are actually aware that James Franco has two brothers. The boisterous actor has made a name for himself in Hollywood and had a number of memorable roles along the years. Then came Dave, the younger brother of James who started making his own name. Arguably, he is still not near to James but has managed to attract an audience for himself. But there is a third brother, Tom Franco, who many people forget about.


But by all means he is supposed to be the second as he is the middle brother while Dave is the youngest. Recently he was attending a Q&A in regards to his art sculptures and was fiercely offended by being called the Third Franco. He explained that he is the second born not the third born and that this is not a popularity contest but that based on age he is the second one.