The Samuel Soba Conspiracy and More Celebrity News

Celebrity news for July 19, 2017 – Even though Will Smith and Sheree Zampino have been divorced for quite a while, she still feels a connection with her former family. She displayed great affection recently after the passing of Will Smith’s father recently. On her Instagram she posted a picture of Wilfred Smith with a message you can see below. Beside the Will Sr are Will Smith Jr and his and Sheree’s son Will Smith III or Trey as he is often referred to. The former wife of Will Smith still values a great man like Wilfred Smith was and she holds a special place for him in her heart.

Sheree Zampino is the first wife of Will Smith, after which he married his current one Jada Pinket Smith. Will Smith had his first and eldest child Trey Smith, while Jaden and Willow Smith are from his marriage to Jada. The passing of Wilfred Smith Sr, had a devastating effect on the Smith family and Will Smith himself was particularly distract by it as he was close to his father. Sheree also valued the man and it is nice when you see that she still values him and things him great enough to pay homage this way.

Cameron Robbie Photo Bombed While Having a Drink with his Mates

Sometimes having a nice drink with your friends is not as easy as you would think, particularly if you are a celebrity. Cameron Robbie is still trying to become an aspiring actor as his elder and much famous sister Margot is but he still manages to get into the limelight in a way. Robbie posted a picture of a night out with his friends and a few beers on Instagram recently only to see a couple behind them making faces and photo bombing the picture. This certainly means that Robbie is on his way to stardom as somebody recognized him and cared enough to intrude in a private picture and even make funny faces in the back while doing so. I am really not sure if Robbie or his friends got plastered enough not to notice the people in the back while posting this pic but it seems that they do not mind the joke.

some fox in sox 🦊

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Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet Replacing Sage and Seargeoh

It appears that the Stallone family is going to get their own reality TV show with the trio of ladies front and center. The three girls have appeared on the red carpet at the latest Golden Globe Awards and it seems that they are getting more into the grove of the Hollywood celebrities. Being that they have still not made a name for themselves except being the daughters of Rocky, or Sylvester Stallone if you want to go on first name basis. Each year daughters and sons of celebrities make appearances at the Golden Globes seeking a coveted title of the best children of famed celebrities. Former winners include Rumer Willis and Dakota Johnson. But the Stallone sisters look as if they are ready to take down the Kardashians, and to tell you the truth their names do have a ring to it. It would be interesting to see the old Slay knocking down every suiter or boyfriend who comes to the house to look for the sisters.

Sophia, Sistine Stallone and Scarlet are actually the children from Sylvester’s second marriage which he has with Jenifer Flavin. Sylvester also has two more boys, Sage and Seargeoh, form his first marriage with Sasha Czack. But it appears that the three sisters are going to be taking the spotlight now as Safe committed suicide a while ago and Seargeoh has been diagnosed with autism, so the other part of the family is going to make public appearances more and make name for the Stallone clan.


Sasha Czack with sons and ex husband

The Samuel Soba Conspiracy

Who is Samuel Soba? Who is Serge Ibaka? Are they both the same person? There is an ongoing conspiracy about Samuel Soba and his “twin” Serge Ibaka, or does to go the other way around. It appears that the public cannot tell two different peel apart as there is a raging debate currently going about who is who. They are both tall and well-built African Americans, but one is an NBA basketball players and the other one is a minor celebrity only being known for his marriage to Keri Hilson. People are trying to solve the mystery on which is which as the two do have a resemblance on each other, but while Samuel is going a bit under the radar, Serge has just signed a major deal which leads him to Toronto, Canada playing with the Raptors. It would be wonderful to see a headline in the papers which say “Samuel Soba, a New Acquisition by the Raptors Front Office.” Boy would that make Serge’s face red. Serge might take his revenge by doing something different and maybe posing as Samuel when he comes home to his loving wife.

Hazel Gordy Claims her Unborn Grandson will be a Musician

It appears that the apple does not fall far from the three. In a recent Instagram post, where Asa Soltan has been thrown a baby shower, her mother in-law Hazel Gordy already claims that her future grand child is going to be a musician. The unborn child is already kicking and screaming and Hazel says that the child is already preparing to go out on stage. Being that the father of the child is Jermaine Jackson Jr. the son of Jermaine Jackson and Hazel Gordy it does make sense for the kid to love music as much as it does. Geenes do go a long way and being the grandchild of the Jacksons and the Gordys and a big deal. It would not be a miracle if the kid starts singing before he starts to make comprehensive sentences first.


Hazel Gordy and her father Berry Gordy

Asa Soltana is getting ready for her first child with her husband Jermaine Jackson Jr. She showed with gifts and all the members from the family attended the bash and are eagerly awaiting the latest member of their family to come. If we are to trust Hazel and her prediction of the child being a musician, we are perhaps looking at a new golden album in the family.

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