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Sarah Barg is working for the Universal Productions Service Department. She is actually working closely with NBC and other different kinds of departments. She has been working in the entertainment industry for a while. She is best known for her endeavors where she worked as a post production coordinator for certain projects. Among many that she worked on, the most notable are working on the show “Weeds” and on Showtime’s award winning series “Dexter.”

On the other hand, Sarah Barg is mostly known for being the former wife of two country stars. At first she was romantically involved and was married to Mac Davies. After she divorced him, she started dating yet another country star. This time it was Glen Campbell, the award winning country music singer and songwriter. During his hay day, Mac was one of the more notable singers in his time, but their marriage was not meant to last. After that she went to Glenn Campbell who was also known for his endeavors as an actor. He stared in a number of series during the 60s and the 70s and even had a show named “The Glenn Campbell Goodtime Hour.” Glenn unfortunately died at the age of 80 after suffering from the Alzheimer’s disease.


Former husband and wife: Glen Campbell and Sarah Barg

Sarah Barg Net Worth and Salary

Sarah Barg herself is not worth so much. There are not a lot of information about her being so much wealthy. She has a stable and a good salary and the job that she has in relation to NBC, but her total net worth has not been revealed. Some information state that she is worth somewhere about a million dollars. As for her former husband, Glenn Campbell, his estate is valued at 80 million dollars.

Sarah Barg Partner and Family


Sarah Barg with her ex-husband Mac Davies

Sarah Barg is known for dating a marrying two famous country singer stars. She first married Mac Davies. After dating for a while they finally got married in 1971. But their marriage lasted only for 5 years and they eventually decided to call it quits in 1976. Mac and Sarah did not have any children together. The same year, Sarah hooked up with Glenn Campbell and married him. There was some information that she actually had an affair with Glenn while still being married to Mac, but none of them were confirmed and the result at the end remained that she went to Glenn. The couple spent 6 wonderful years together and they too enjoyed a very prolific and nice marriage. But in the end they also got a divorce. Sarah and Glenn had one son, named Dillon, who still has a great relationship with his mother. Sarah is currently single and in her late age is not looking to date or find somebody special. She enjoys the time that she has with her son.

Sarah Barg Age

Sarah Barg was born in America, but the exact place of birth is not known. She has not revealed so much about herself personally, even when she was married to country stars and chose to keep things mostly quiet about herself. But it is known that she was born in 1947, which makes her current age 70 years old.


Sarah Barg Today (2017)

Sarah Barg Height and Weight

Sarah Barg has not unveiled any information about her body measurements. She is in fact very secretive about her personal life and there are even not a lot of pictures of her currently. She may have been a beauty in her hay day but now mostly keeps aside and spends time with her son. Her weight and height are not revealed and she remains a kind of a minor celebrity due to her marriage to some famous country singers.

Is Sarah Barg a Lesbian?

Sarah Barg is not a lesbian. Her relationship with the famous men from the music industry is the exact proof of that. She may have had an infatuation with country singers in her day, but she does not like same sex partners. She is heterosexual and she likes men.


Sarah Barg (old pics)

Nationality and Ethnicity

Sarah Barg was born in America and she belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group. Based on her place of birth, her nationality is American.

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Children:,1 (Dillon)
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