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Scarlett Pomers is an American actress, musician and a song-writer. She is most notable for her appearances as a young child actor as she was featured in many TV commercials and spots while she was little. She is also famous for her roles in shows “Star Trek: Voyager” and “Reba.” She is also a talented singer and a songwriter as she has released her first EP in 2010, titled “Insane.”

Scarlett Pomers started off her career very early as she was interested in rock music while very young. Her parents enrolled her into a music school where she had guitar lessons. She was spotted by an agent while performing at a local mall and from there on she went to star in many commercials and music videos from the age of 5. Her first major appearance was in Michael Jackson’s music video “Heal the World” (1992), from where her tumults career would start.


“Star Trek: Voyager” movie

She went on to make more appearances as she got major roles in such shows as “That’s Life,” “Judging Amy” and “Touched by an Angel.” Her first major breakthrough as an actor in a show was recorded while she was only 5 for a show called “The Baby Sitters Club.” From there on she got one role after the other and she would also star in such movies as “Erin Brokovich” (2000), “Happy Texas” (1999), and a Disney Channel movie called “A Ring of Endless Life” (2002)

After that things only started getting better for Scarlett as in her teens she was cast in her most  prominent show to date, “Star Trek: Voyager” (1998-2001) where she would appear for 3 seasons as the character of Naomi Wildman. Later she was also cast in the TV series “Reba” (2001-2007) where she played the character of Kyra Hart, the daughter of Reba.

Scarlett Pomers has recently retired from acting officially even with her still being so young. She is now concentrated on her singing career and has a band simply called “Scarlett” or “The Scarlett Pomers Band.” She released her first EP in 2010 which has five songs and has since performed in various venues and for various occasions.


Scarlett Pomers in dress

Net Worth and Salary

Scarlett Pomers began her acting and singing career when she was still very young. This had led her to get quite a hefty income to her name and she has accumulated 2 million dollars to her name as the current net worth states. Since she has retired from active acting in 2014, she will probably make her singing career a priority and although the salary is not going to be as high as the acting one, we still hope to see more from Scarlett Pomers in the years to come.

Partner and Family

Scarlett Pomers has not raised any suspicion when it comes to her private life and her affairs. In fact there is little to be known about her love life but we do know that she has never married, and from that reason has not divorced, nor does she have any children to her name yet. There is also a great possibility that she is currently single and is not seeing anybody as the statements about her having a boyfriend have not been confirmed. What we do know is that she had a relationship with Jonathan Taylor Thomas in the past but this relationship has ended long time ago. There are no other famous boyfriends in sight for now.


Scarlett Pomers


Scarlett Pomers was born as Scarlett Noel Pomers in Riverside, California on 28th November, 1988. This makes her current age 28 and she is still young but has decided to end her acting career earlier due to some problems and health issues that she had before. Her last IMDB credit is still the last episode on the “Reba” show and she has not appeared anywhere since yet.

Height and Weight

Scarlett Pomers is approximately 5’4” (163 cm) tall. As far as her weight goes, it is currently not known how much she weighs as she has had problems with anorexia before. Due to the pressure of being a child actress and due to her getting more prominent riels in her career, Scarlett started dieting profusely and took things to far as she eventually dropped down to 73 pounds. Once things got too serious Scarlett went to a clinic to get help and started getting treatment for her disorder. This was also seen and addressed on the “Reba” Show as she only made three appearances in Season 5. When they asked her character where she was, she just answered “I went out to get something to eat,” and the season also ended with her saying “I’m going to get something to eat.” This was the mark that showed Scarlett’s comeback and she was welcomed back in Season 6 as she finished the show that she has started as healthy as she could be. After the problem that she had she an ambassador of the National Eating Disorder Association and organized a fund called “Arch-Angels” which raises funds and helps people who suffer from eating disorders but cannot afford to get treatment themselves. Because of this, Teen People magazine included her in their list of 20 influential teens that could change the world.


Scarlett Pomers in black dress

Is Scarlett Pomers a Lesbian?

Even though Scarlett Pomers’ life became very complicated at one point and there is also the fact that her dating history is not as long as you would expect it to be, there are no evidence that she is a lesbian. She does not appear to have any boyfriends or girlfriends for that matter and we have reports of her being with men and having past boyfriends. But we still cannot confirm the reason why she does not appear in public with any of her current partners. This has to do more with the disorder that she had before and not really with her sexuality so for now we do not think that Scarlett is in fact gay even with some suspicious aspects of her life.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Scarlett Pomers was born in California, US in the city of Riverside. This makes her nationality American and she is also Caucasian by ethnicity. As her name would say you would also be able to guess the color of her hair as she has red hair and blue eyes.

[table caption=”Biography & Facts” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|350″ colalign=”left|center”]
Born:,November 28th 1988.
Net Worth:,2 million dollars
Hair Color:,red
Eye Color:,blue
Height:,5’4” (163 cm)
Married to:,N/A
Affair with:,Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Birth Sign:,Sagittarius

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