Sharon Summerall Biography

Sharon Summerall is a former American model and the wife of Don Henley, one of the foundering members of the band “The Eagles”. Sharon was first and foremost recognized as a model and she had a modest career. That is until she met Don in 1994. Even though she was younger than him, he was still very famous back then, more than he is now, and it launched them on a path together. They have had a very good relationship until now and there are no rumors or scandals related to their names.

Don Henley is an established celebrity and one of the more recognized drummers in today’s music industry and has been one of the members who founded “The Eagles”. Don Henley founded the band alongside Glen Frey, Bernie Leadon, and Randy Meisner in Los Angeles in 1971. Don is actually doing pretty well in his career even now. Although the best days are behind them, Don is still playing with the Eagles here and there and they have regular gigs. Additionally, Don has other projects to keep him occupied and he is fairly active even in his 70s.


Sharon Summerall and her husband Don Henley

Sharon Summerall Net Worth 2019 and Salary

Sharon Summerall is not earning anything now and she does not have a salary. But why would she be working as she is married to a wealthy husband. The wealth of Don Henley is estimated of being approximately 200 million dollars. In fact, he is ranted as the fourth richest drum player in the world. This is enough for him to support his wife and family as well as he is doing pretty good for himself.

Sharon Summerall Husband and Family

Sharon Summerall has become famous through her marriage to Don Henley. She and Don actually met in 1994 and after some time started dating. They did not waste so much time as after only four months of being together they decided to get engaged. Then it took them 11 months to plan out the wedding and the deed was finally done in 1995. Since then, Sharon and Don have had a very happy marriage and there have been no talks of infidelity on both of their sides. They even have three kids together, two daughters named Annabel and Julia and a son called Will.


Sharon Summerall with husband and children

Sharon Summerall Age

Sharon Summerall is younger than her husband Don Henley, but it has never been a problem for them. While Don is in his 70s now, Sharon is in her early 60s. There are no exact information about where and how she has spent her childhood but they are now living together.

Height and Weight

Sharon Summerall is viewed as a celebrity, but her status is now way near her husband’s. This is the reason most of the information about her body measurements and her weight are not available. She is a former model so she did have a great body when she was young. Being that she is now entering the 6th decade of her life, her looks are slowly fading.


Sharon Summerall

Sharon Summerall Illness

It has been reported that Sharon Summerall has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. This illness actually affects the nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord, greatly limiting the movement of a person and causing them to loose motor skills. Even with her disease, Don and her children are very supportive of her and she is getting the treatment that she needs to battle the sickness. For now she is doing pretty well and has managed to stave off the symptoms.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Sharon Summerall nationality is not questioned and she is American by birth. Even though there are no information about where exactly she was born we do know that it was somewhere in Texas. She is Caucasian by ethnicity.


Sharon Summerall with her family

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Net Worth:,$1 Million
Hair Color:,Dark Brown
Eye Color:,Brown
Married to:,Don Henley
Affair with:,N/A
Children:,3 (daughters Annabel and Julia – son Will)
Birth Sign:,N/A

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