Simone Rivera Recounts Her Terrifying Experience at the Stade de France

Simone Rivera, the daughter of Fox anchor Geraldo Rivera was one of the people present at the Stade de France, while bombs went off in front of it. Fortunately she was not among the victims of the terrorist attack and she managed to escape uncapped. But things could have turned out much different. Once the explosions came people were disorientated and did not know what was happening at first.

The first bomb was heard just before halftime in the match between Germany and France, while the other suicide bomber went off some minutes later. Simone says that she feels lucky that things did not go according to the terrorist’s plans and that they she is lucky to be alive. She explains that she was confused and that she and other started running but they didn’t even know where.

Simone explained with a trembling voice while she talked about her terrifying experience. Geraldo says that he is also very lucky that his daughter made it back alive and that this would have been the wort thing to happen to his family.

Robert Probably Regrets Not Being a Part of Wahlburgers

The Wahlburgers is becoming a hit and a sensation which is sweeping the country. The burger joint owned by the famous singing/acting brothers Mark Wahlberg and Donnie Wahlberg, while Paul is the chef is hitting it big. The burger joint first started things off with a TV show which was a reality show hit that slowly but surely turned things around and lunched the career for this endeavor. Now once the show blew up the burger joint is hitting it big as well, with all new locations being opened here and there.

But do you know who is not a part of this, Robert Wahlberg of course. The oldest brother, who is also an actor, turned down the opportunity of being a part of this idea and is probably regretting it. Robert was always a down-to-earth kind of a guy and does not like to expose himself as the other brothers do. But seeing how the burger chain is only growing and growing, he might have some regrets about this.

Ata Johnson’s Story about her Red Car

Ata Johnson is the mother of the pro wrestler turned actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. She recently suffered an accident involving a drunken hit and run situation where an unknown man hit her car while both her and her niece Lina Fanene were inside. Fortunately they both survived and although they still ended up in an emergency room, everithing was okay with them. But the car was wrecked, and Ata explained recently how she actually got her car.

The vehicle was a birthday gift from her son, but Dwayne bought a white car, because he was dabbling whether his mom liked white or red. In the end he made a choice to go with white, even though Ata’s favorite color is red. Ata was wondering why she got the white car but when Dwayne explained and offered to replace the model with a red one, she refused and said that she does not want her new white car taken away from her. After that the accident happen and the white car was destroyed, but Ata did managed to get a replacement and now she is the owner of a red model like she wanted. Every cloud has a silver lining and I guess this accident had one as well, at least for Ata.


Vera Jimenez Pulling her Weight

One of our favorite KTLA weather meteorologist, Vera Jimenez has always managed to display a blissful sight for her audience. Whether you are interested in the weather forecast or the traffic report or you actually just want to gaze at Vera for a little bit, she is both intelligent and certainly attractive.

However good looks always come at a price as being naturally beautiful is one thing while everything else is hard work and dedication. Vera recently posted a vide on her Instagram account about doing an 8 rounds on 5 reps at 85 lbs. in 15 mins on lifting weights.

She does seem impressive and looking at this she may be stronger than some of the guy that we see on television. This is how Vera works out and how she manages to stay fit. You go girl.

@body1fitness next time I'm doing these in the set. The routine was 8 rounds on 5 reps at 85 lbs. in 15 mins

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Do not Worry, Everything is Okay with Peyton

After the end of season 3 of Girl Meets World, the cast of the show decided to let loose a little bit. Although the fans have been racing to see what will happen next and what other adventures await their favorite characters, the only thing that the cast was prepared to do is to let loose a little bit and enjoy their free time. So you saw a lot of things happening with Sabrina Carpenter, Rowan Blanchard and Corey Fogelmanis, as they are about touring, having fun in the sun, promoting or doing other crazy things.

But where is Peyton Meyer? Why isn’t he hanging out with them and doing all sorts of crazy things? It appears that Peyton has just decided to lay low for a while and hanged with his old friends to rest from the busy life. But this has gotten fans rattled as some even started thinking that something bad has happened to Peyton. So Meyer had to confirm his wellbeing using Twitter where he wrote to the fans that he is alive and well. So no worries Peyton is just taking some time off and will be back for next season of Girl Meets World.


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