Skai Jackson Releasing her own Clothing Line

The very young and very talented Skai Jackson is releasing her own clothing line with Nowadays. She may be young, only 15 years of age, but Skai is very fashionable and is probably the next big thing when it comes to fashion. She was recently seen at the New York Fashion Week as she was the official ambassador of Teen Vogue. The further advancement came with her having her own fashion line which was apparently in the making for some time now. The clothing will be available at Macy’s and Nowadays Shops. The collection consist of fall clothing which are very cute and fashionable and define Skai’s own personal taste.

David Muir Helping to Make ABC Better

According to the recent poles, David Muir’s “World News Tonight” on ABC ranked number one in ratings among evening newscasts. This is an achievement which ABC did not have in the last 21 years and apparently it is all thanks to Muir. He joined ABC in 2003 after graduating from Roy H. Park School of Communications. David’s success came quickly as he rose through the ranks as fast as lightning.

He became the networks lead correspondent and reported on some very important stores in his career. In 2014 he succeeded Diane Sawyer as the “World News Tonight” anchor. David Muir is also the winner of multiple Emmy awards and is one of the more desirable and good looking men on TV, as confirmed by many women voters. There is no doubt that Muir is the one who brings success to ABC and he is the one who managed to bring the show the pedigree that it once had.


Kevin Lazan Advised his Wife to be Honest

Rachel Platten has been riding on the success of her Fight Song, even with the Hilary Clinton’s win slipping her fingers. Nevertheless, Rachel’s career has only been going up and she has quickly descended into stardom thanks to the success which she has been having. The height came with her performing the song alongside Taylor Swift and she only added and contributed to the success Rachel has been having. But it was not always like that.

Before making a jump from anonymity to stardom, Rachel had a pretty mediocre career. She was not expected to be the next big thing and has faced a lot of rejections in the wake of her career. It came to a point that her manager suggest that she lie in order to get certain gigs. Rachel was supposed to lie about her age and her manager suggest she said she was 5 years younger than she actually is.

Being that her husband is a lawyer, Kevin Lazan advised her that it would not be smart to do so. This was not good from a legal perspective but also form a moral one. Rachel decided that she should stay honest with the fans and followed her husband’s advice. It proved to be fruitful for her as we can see where she is now. But generally speaking, celebrities always lie about their age and it is not something new in the industry.


Cassidy Freeman in the Dark About “Longmire” Release

Cassidy Freeman was not able to give us any useful information when it comes to the unveiling of the start of the long awaited season 6 of Longmire. Netflix did not release the show in September and we have not seen it in their plans for November.

The previous two seasons were both released in September and the rumor about the final one being late is that it is still in post-production. This is the final season of the show and people are very much interested in seeing how the show will eventually unravel. Cassidy Freeman, one of the starts of the show recently answers some questions about the show but did not reveal the date when the show is expected to hit the streaming service.

It is quite possible that she is not allowed to reveal this information as there is a high probability that they are just creating hype. If this is true it is doing the trick as fans around the interest are screaming about the release date.


Cassidy Freeman and Justin Carpenter

Angelique Boyer and Cecilia Galliano Meet Face to Face

Angelique Boyer, the current girlfriend of Sebastian Rulli, and Cecilia Galliano, the former wife of Sebastian, finally met face to face at an event in Mexico City. The telenovela stars were confronted as they both needed to attend the party which gathered a lot of celebrities from South America.

Everybody was expecting for something big to happen and maybe even a cat fight, but both Angelique and Cecilia were very civil when they met together. Angelique said that she does not have anything against Cecilia and that she values her as a women.

On the other hand, Cecilia and Sebastian had a very heated custody battle over their son Santi, but it eventually led for them sharing custody for the benefit of the boy. Cecilia did not care to make any comments about meeting Angelique.


Angelique Boyer in bikini