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Sofia Carson is best known for being a singer and an actress as she often appears on the Disney Channel. Sofia is still pretty young but has started her acting career early as her first appearance was as a guest star on the “Austin and Ally” show on the Disney Channel. Sofia has actually started dancing very early as her parents have enrolled her into various dancing schools since the age of three. She learned various dancing techniques as she has attended ballet, jazz, hip hop, musical theater dancing, tap, flamenco modern and contemporary. In 2001, she even made her theatre debut in the play “The Wizard of Oz” as the main character Dorothy at the Riviera Theatre in Miami. This prompted her to attend the University of Miami’s Musical Theatre Summer Intensive. She was trained in dancing and singing and then went on to perform at several other theaters. Sofia also managed to train in classical vocals and finished the St, Hugh School and also graduated from Miami’s Carrollton School. As part of her education we can also mention her attending UCLA and graduating with a degree in communications with a minor in French.

Sofia Carson in movie Descendants 2 (2017)

Sofia Carson started off her acting career with the role in the already mentioned “Austin and Ally” show. But after that came other bigger and more prominent roles for her. She also appeared as “Evie” and played the daughter of the Evil Queen and also grabbed the role on MTV’s “Faking it.” But her biggest role came with the Disney Channel original movie called “Descendants” (2015), where Sofia would reprise her role of Evie. She is also set to appear in “A Cinderella Story: If the Shoe Fits,” (2016) and will also be title in the sequel “Descendants 2” (2017).

Sofia Carson is also going to focus on her singing career which is supposed to reach bigger heights in the future. She has already released her first ever singles, “Love is the Name” and “Live is Life,” while her titled album is supposed to make its debut next year with the first single being “I’m Gonna Love You,” which has already been released in February 2017.

Net Worth and Salary

Although still a young actress and entertainer, Sofia Carson has managed to already make quite a name for herself and accumulate a very nice sum to her name. Her net worth is currently estimated at 6 million dollars and it is more than sure that it will rise within the future period. Sofia is still young and there is still a lot in front of her and we are expecting the net worth to rise even more within the given year.

Sofia Carson Disney Channel

Partner and Family

Sofia Carson’s family includes her mother and father which are José F. Daccarett and Laura Char Carson. She also has a sister named Paulina, but she has not entered the entertainment waters as her sister has. She is still very young so she did not have time to marry nor have any children. Being that she mainly appears on the Disney Channel and that she is often affiliated with teenagers or smaller children, she keeps her dating history to a minimum. There are no news about any of her boyfriends nor past affairs. It appears that Sofia Carson is leading a neat and clean life of a normal girl and is focusing on her career mainly. She has her whole life in front of her so some future love interests will certainly come. The only rumor that was given is that Sofia used to date one of her co-stars that appeared in a show that they were both cast in. Sofia has not said who he was nor has she confirmed that this ever happened, but she has neither rejected this from happening as well. Sofia Carson keeps her private life as private as possible and this includes her dating history first and foremost.

Sofia Carson with dad, mom and sister


Sofia Carson was born as Sofía Daccarett Char, but has decided to take her mother’s surname for her professional career. She was born in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on 10 April, 1993. This makes her current age 24 years old.

Height and Weight

Sofia Carson is a very stunning young woman. She is small in height but very attractive and cute for her age. She is 5 feet and 4 inches tall, or approximately 163 cm. Her weight comes to 112.5 pounds or 51 kg. Her body measurements in inches include 33-24-36 or 87-61-91.5 in cm. She wears a 4 size dress (US) or 34 (EU).

Is Sofia Carson a Lesbian?

Sofia Carson is certainly not a lesbian. There have been no rumors nor does any evidence to support this claim and the absence of any possible boyfriends not have to mean that. Sofia likes to keep things private and does not want to give off a bad image and tries to keep to her reputation. That is why and misconception of her being a lesbian is not true.

Sofia Carson

Nationality and Ethnicity

The young Sofia Carson is an American citizen as she was born and raised in Florida. Her ethnic type is Caucasian although she is a Latina by descent. On her mother’s side she is related to the famous political Colombian family, the Chars, and has some Colombian blood and heritage in her.

[table caption=”Biography & Facts” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|350″ colalign=”left|center”]
Born:,April 10. 1993.
Profession:,a singer and an actress
Net Worth:,$6 million
Hair Color:,black
Eye Color:,dark brown
Height:,5 Feet 8 Inch (163 cm)
Weight:,112.5 pounds or 51 kg
Married to:,no mariried
Affair with:,N/A
Birth Sign:,Aries

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