Sofia Carson Reveals her Favorite Moments on “Descendants 2” and More News

Celebrity News, July 25, 2017 – “Descendants 2” the sequel to the Disney Channel’s famed “Descenders” movie filmed in 2015 is nearing its release date. The movie is actually supposed to air this week on the Disney Channel and everybody is excited to see what the starts of the movie have been up to for the past two years. One of the main characters, Evie, played by Sofia Carson is certainly the favorite among the bunch and Sofia is ecstatic for being able to play to fashion designer, witch’s daughter in the new movie. The movie took two years to get a sequel and it was worth it, as Sofia states and she also mentioned some of her favorite parts in the upcoming movie.

Sofia states the she really likes the soundtrack of the movie and being that she is a great singer as well as a promising actress she did not shy away from performing her best in the sequel. “There is a new song that we sing and it is a duet that Dove (Cameron) and I sign together. We perform a new song called “Space Between.” That has to be my favorite part of the movie,” as Sofia has unveiled a duet between Mal and Evie. The movie will also have a very interesting soundtrack and one of the more interesting and promising songs is “Kiss the Girl,” which the entire cast sings. “It is a kind of a new take on the classic “The Little Mermaid” song but performed in Rihanna meets Drake style. I am sure the young audiences are going to like it.” Sofia has mentioned.

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Stephanie Ruhle Upgrades to a New Home

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle has just bought a new house. It has previously been announced that Stephanie got another show on the network called “Velshi & Ruhle” which she will be co-hosting with Ali Velshi. She is already the anchor of MSNBC Live and also acts as a co-anchor of Weekend TODAY on NBC. So things are looking extremely good for Stephanie’s career, so good that she has decided to get a new house. It appears that that the anchor business is paying much more that we have thought it would and Stephanie certainly does not mind the extra cash.

It was just enough for a four-story townhouse located in the Upper East Side, costing merely $7.5 million. She has previous lived in an apartment Tribeca, but they sold it for $5.2 million. The new home is an entirely renovated 19th century townhouse located on 82nd Street, between Third Avenue and Lexington. It has four-bedroom, a dining room, great room and library and a 3.5-bath abode. There are even four fireplaces and a living room and it totals to 3,420-square-foot house. Not bad for a couple which has three children to take care of.


Richard Lawson Praises his Director Oscar Isaac

Richard Lawson has nothing but praise towards his director Oscar Isaac. Oscar has been dabbling with directing Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet” and Richard has been cast in it. Richard has recently stated that Oscar is a devoted perfectionist and that there is no one better to organize this and produce the play. Richard has also gone to unveil how devoted Oscar actually was towards “Hamlet.” Oscar would actually read passengers to his ill grandmother at her bed before she died. It was that kind of devotion that prompted him to produce the play and Oscar has also stated that he is devoting the play to his nana. Richard Lawson has recently stated “Oscar is the best that his generation has to offer.” He also went on to praise the producer-actor’s devotion and that through this play he is honoring his grandmother’s life as well.


Trish Stratus and Ron Fisico Become Parents Again

The famed WWE woman wrestling champion Patricia Anne Stratigeas and her former bodybuilder boyfriend Ron Fisico have become parents once again. This time to a baby boy which they are going to name Maximus Stratus Fisico. This is the couple’s second child as they already have a girl named Madison Patricia. Trisha gave birth in Southlake Hospital in Newmarket, Ontario and it appears that both the mother and the baby are well. The news about her being pregnant was well known but it was her husband that broke the news finally confirming that they have been blessed once again. We wish all the best to the newly crowned parents.


Dr. Dre and his wife Nicole Threatt Make an Appearance at a Movie Premiere

You actually rarely talk about Nicole Threatt until you see her with her famed producer and rapper husband Dr. Dre. Nicole has chosen to keep her affairs mostly private and often chooses to step away from the limelight, leaving her husband to take the stage. But recently you rarely see Dr. Dre actually be in the center of attention as he too has most been in the back of his production novelties and has been leading a quiet life. But it is always nice to see the couple make an appearance together at a prestigious event. Dr. Dre and Nicole were seen at the premier of the movie “The Defiant Ones” in New York and they took the carpet alongside many celebrities that attended. Besides the famous couple you could also see the actress Priyanka Chopra, model Liberty Ross, and LL Cool J along with his wife Simone Smith.


Nicole Threatt with husband Dr. Dre

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