Sophia Hardison Biography

Sophia Hardison is the daughter of Kadeem Hardison and Chante Moore. Being a daughter of popular parents is not always simple. Sometimes the popularity of your parents overshadows your personal career and at the same time leaves you with a lot to catch up with. In order to do that, Sophia is still searching for herself and is trying to get out of the shadow of her parents. Namely, her father, Kadeem Hardison, is a popular actor who started in many movies along his career. His most notable appearances include such movies as “White Men Can’t Jump” and “Made of Honor.” On the other hand, his wife Chante Moore also had a lustrous career herself. She is also an actress but additionally to that she is a singer and a songwriter and mainly performs jazz and R&B music. Both Kadeem and Chante raised their daughter Sophia pretty well and she is very polite and good looking as well. Even though their marriage broke apart, they both are still involved equally in the life of their daughter. She is getting the upbringing and attention she deserves from both of her parents and does not lack anything in her life.

Sophia Hardison Net Worth and Salary

Sophia Hardison is has still not decided what she wants to do with herself. She likes both singing and acting and sees a potential in following her parent’s footsteps one day. For now she does not have a salary to her name and her net worth is very low and not listed. On the other hand, her father Kadeem Hardison is worth 2 million dollars currently which enables him to raise his daughter in a luxurious and appropriate way.


Sophia Hardison with her father Kadeem Hardison

Sophia Hardison Family

As mentioned, Sophia Hardison is the daughter of actor Kadeem Hardison and singer/songwriter Chante Moore. Actually, Kadeem and Chante got Sophia before getting married. They actually got married in 1997, only a year after Sophia was born. They stayed tighter for a period of three years and divorced in 2000. The reason for their divorce was infidelity on Kadeem’s part. They actually got married in secret and their affair became public only when they got divorced. Chante recently revealed the reason for their divorce as she stated that Kadeem was seeing another woman during the period while they were together. The woman with whom Kadeem had an affair with was Cree Summers, but after his divorce they did not end up being together for too long. On the other hand, Chante found happiness with Kenny Latimore, a fellow singer.


Sophia Hardison’s parents

Sophia’s relationship status is unknown, but it is more than certain that she is single. Her parents are very protective of her and wish that she first concentrates on her education before racing on to a relationship. They are very supportive of her and try to shield their daughter from the public as best as possible. This is the main reason why most information about Sophia Hardiosn is scarce.

Sophia Hardison Age

Sophia Hardison is currently 21 years old. She was born on September 27, 1996, which is about a year before her parents actually got married. Some would say that the real reason for them getting married in the first place was because they had a child together.

Height and Weight

Being raised is a very protective and shielded environment has also prompted a lot of information about Sophia Hardison to be missing. Some information that is hard to get by include her body measurements. She is still very young though and is very attractive, if you look at her pictures. There is no doubt that she inherited the good looks from her famous parents and that she will go on to become even more beautiful. Maybe then, her weight and height could be unveiled.

Instagram and Social Media Accounts

If you are looking for Sophia Hardison on Twitter or Instagram, you can stop doing that immediately. There are many fake accounts of her showing her pictures, but neither one of them is legitable. We already mentioned that she is very much protected by her parents and she obviously values her privacy as well. So if you want to find pictures of Sophia, at least the private ones that she made, you are out of luck. The only pictures of her available include ones taken by the media. She does not appear to have neither and Twitter nor an Instagram account, at least not a legitimate one.


Sophia Hardison and her mother Chante Moore

Nationality and Ethnicity

Based on her place of birth, Sophia Hardison is American by nationality. She also belongs to African American ethnic group as her parents are both African American as well.

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Born:,September 27 1996
Ethnicity:,African American
Net Worth:,N/A
Hair Color:,Black
Eye Color:,Dark Brown
Married to:,Not yet
Affair with:,N/A
Birth Sign:,Libra

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