Stacey Weitzman Biography

American actress Stacey Weitzman, also known as Stacey Winkler was born on November 15 1947 in the United States of America. Her mother was the nurse and her father was working in a private office. Her full name is Stacey Furstman Weitzman. She is known as a wife of Henry Winkler, famous Hollywood actor, producer and director.

Marriage with Winkler is her second marriage and she has three children. While there is some information to be found about Weitzman ‘s present personal life sites like wiki or IMDb, there is very little to be found on her early childhood and education bio. Stacey Weitzman is a breast cancer survivor.

Stacey Weitzman Education and Career

Apparently she was interested in fashion design when she was young and she planned to study fashion, but her father suggested that she should choose economy and business.


Stacey Weitzman and Henry Winkler (old photo)

She was also passionate about dancing, so she joined dancing school to follow her dream and interest within dancing. After high school, she got her graduation degree from the University of North Carolina. Afterwards, Stacey moved to the New York City and began her career way. In addition to her business education, she also started her career in the entertainment industry.

Stacey Weitzman Net worth and Income

Weitzman’s personal income and net worth is not known. Her husband Henry Winkler’s net worth, however, is estimated at $20 million. Winkler is a famous producer, director and actor who has been present in movie industry for over 50 years. He is best known for playing The Fonz in the “Happy Days” sitcom. He has also made appearances in numerous television shows and movies over the decades.

Partner and Family

Before marriage to Henry Winkler, Stacey was married to Howard Weitzman. They married in 1969 and lived happily as a couple for almost a decade. There is not lot of pictures of Stacey from this period of her life though. From this marriage Stacey has a son Jed Weitzman. She divorced Weitzman in 1976.

According to some rumors, Stacey was having affair with her present husband before they got married. Finally, the wedding with Winkler took place in 1978.


Stacey Winkler, Emily Winkler, Henry Winkler and Max Winkler

Stacey’s’ husband Henry Winkler is well-known in entertainment business.  He was born on October 30, 1945 in Manhattan, New York. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Emerson College in 1967 and after that obtained Master of Fine Arts (MFA) from the Yale School of Drama in 1970.

Stacey and Steven have two children together, a daughter Zoe Winkler, born in 1980 and a son Max Winkler, born in 1983. Zoe works as a pre-school teacher and Max is a director in the film industry.

Stacey Weitzman Winkler doesn’t share much of her privacy with her fans. She is not active on Twitter and other social media, and she doesn’t post photos illustrating her personal life.

It is known fact, however that Weitzman is a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with the serious condition, and rushed into hospital for tests and later she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her husband was the biggest support through the toughest time of Stacey’s life. Weitzman underwent a lumpectomy and intensive chemotherapy, and successfully recovered afterwards.

When Stacey was diagnosed with the cancer and rushed into hospital for tests, her husband Henry Winkler stated that although shocked and frightened with the bad news, the family will stay optimistic and believe in a positive outcome.


Stacey Winkler and Henry Winkler

Today she lives fulfilled family life with her husband and children in Brentwood, Los Angeles, California and doesn’t get involved in affairs of any kind.

Stacey Weitzman Age

Stacey was born on November 15 1947 which means that she is 69 at the moment.

Height and Weight

Unfortunately, Stacey Weitzman height and weight information is not available at the moment. She has red hair and brown eyes and even in the seventh decade of life, looks stunning.

Is Stacey Weitzman a Lesbian?

Weitzman was never reported to be homosexual by her sex orientation. She is not a lesbian, she has been in her second heterosexual marriage since 1978.


Stacey Weitzman with her husband

Ethnicity and Nationality

Stacey Weitzman ethnicity is white and she holds American nationality and citizenship.

[table caption=”Biography & Facts” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|350″ colalign=”left|center”]
Born:,November 15. 1947.
Net Worth:,Filmmaker and Actress
Hair Color:,Red
Eye Color:,Brown
Married to:,Henry Winkler (m. 1978) / Howard Weitzman (m. 1969–1976)
Affair with:,N/A
Children:,3 (Max Winkler – Zoe Emily Winkler – Jed Weitzman)
Birth Sign:,Scorpio
Education:,University of North Carolina

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