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Stephanie Ruhle is an American journalist and anchor for television networks such as MSNBC Live and NBC News. She predominantly deals in casting news about politics and business correspondence and is famous for her sharp and professional demeanor and a sturdy look. Previously, Ruhle worked for the Bloomberg Television, as a news anchor and also acted as an editor-at-large, where she hosted the show Bloomberg GO. As part of her notable career she is mostly known for being the first journalist to report on the London Whale story in 2012, where she identified the trader behind the JPMorgan Chase trading loss.

Stephanie Ruhle started first in the finance industry where she spent 14 years. She spent six years working with hedge fund sales with Credit Suisse. She became the vice president during her time there and also achieved in becoming the highest producing credit derivatives salesperson in the US. She later joined the Deutsche Bank where she also dealt with hedge funds and managed to become a managing director in Global Markets Senior Relationship Management. During her tenure, she was also able to found the Global Market Women’s Network which helped women make her way into leadership positons.


Stephanie Ruhle NBC News

In 2011, Ruhle joined the Bloomberg Television and first co-hosted a morning program called “Inside Track” with Erik Schatzker. She later went on to host a two-hour long show called “Money Makers” and then also “Bloomberg GO.” During her time there she also interviewed some of the most famous figures from various industries which include Michael Bloomberg, Lloyd Blankfein, David Tepper, Donald Trump, Kobe Bryant, Sean Combs, Martha Stewart, Al Gore and many more.

Stephanie Ruhle also managed to host and produce a documentary called “Haiti: Open for Business?” (2015), which is a documentary that deals with the island of Haiti after the devastation that the earthquake brought the country, and also appeared on “Shark Land: A Mission Blue and Fusion Expedition” (2015).

Stephanie Ruhle is also known to be a social activist and a feminist as she has participated in numerous campaigns and founded various groups that protect the interests of women. She founded the Corporate Investment Bank and Women’s Network and also managed to co-chair the Women on Wall Street committee. She is a member of the board of Girls. Inc. New York, a member of the 100 Women in Hedge Funds, the Women’s Bond Club, and a former member of the iMentor Corporate Advisory Board.


Stephanie Ruhle

Net Worth and Salary

Stephanie Ruhle managed to get herself quite a nice income along her time on television and while doing her various other jobs. As it was reported, she has a yearly salary of $2 million currently, while her net worth is estimated to a cool $4 million.

Partner and Family

Stephanie Ruhle is married and her husband is Andy Hubbard. She and Andy met during their time at Credit Suisse and after a period of dating they eventually got married and are together ever since. She enjoys a wonderful life with him without any hectic stories behind their relationship and certainly no affairs on both of their sides. They even have three beautiful children together and they enjoy their wonderful life living in Manhattan.


Stephanie Ruhle with her husband and their children


Stephanie Ruhle was born in Park Ridge, New Jersey on December 24, 1975. This makes her current age 41. She graduated at the Leigh University and managed to earn herself a bachelor’s degree in international business. As a part of her major she studied about Guatemala, Kenya and Italy. Once she got popular, she came back to her old university and gave a commencement speech for the new inductees in 2017.

Height and Weight

Stephanie Ruhle is known to be a very beautiful but serious looking woman. Her sexy attitude and her professional demeanor is what got her to where she is now and she is highly recognized in business and journalist circles. Her height is 5 ft 5 in (165 cm), but she says that she does not want to make her weight known and keeps it a secret. Her body measurements are also not disclosed but she has brown, chestnut hair and brown eyes.


NBC News and her husband Andy Hubbard

Is Stephanie Ruhle a Lesbian?

There might have been some rumors of Stephanie Ruhle being a lesbian, but all of those are not true. The part which is true is that she is a very diligent and active woman and she has mainly kept her stance firm when it comes to the rights of women. She displays her ideas publicity and is not afraid to back them up and fight for them. This makes her a great role model for a lot of young women who want to make it into the contemporary world.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Stephanie Ruhle is an US citizen and holds an American nationally, while her ethnicity type is Caucasian.

[table caption=”Biography & Facts” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|350″ colalign=”left|center”]
Born:,December 24. 1975.
Profession:,Managing editor
Net Worth:,$4 million
Salary:,$2 million
Hair Color:,brown / chestnut
Eye Color:,brown
Height:,5 Feet 8 Inch (165 cm)
Married to:,Andy Hubbard
Affair with:,N/A
Birth Sign:,Capricorn
Education:,Lehigh University

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