Steve Harvey Oust aged by Marjorie and Lori

In the most recent even held at the Paris Fashion Week, celebrity star Steve Harvey was seen attending with his family. With him were his wife Marjorie Bridges Wood and daughter Lori which came to the gala with him. But it appears that both his wife and the daughter took more applause than Steve did.

Marjorie is a fashion guru by trait and it showed how actually good she is at that. With a simple yet chic combination she managed to outstage her husband as most of the people and photographers were interested in taking pictures of her. Lori was also the pride of the ball and her combination was also taken as a pretty fashionable one. This all left Steve in the dust as nobody cared to mention him in this matter. It was as if he was just some dude taking pictures with Marjorie and Lori, but he did not mind it as he is happy if his girls are happy.

Have you Ever Seen Edward Cotner Without his Wife

We all know who Edward Cotner is don’t we, but if there are some of you who don’t you are more than excused to feel that way. Edward Cotner is the guy taking all the pictures with Megyn Price. Sometimes you see her with a kid and sometimes you see you with Edward, and in most of them they are together. So who is this guy, somebody who just likes to take pictures with famous people? Well it appears that he only takes them with Megyn, so he has to be somebody close to her.

For all of you who do not know Edward Cotner is Megyn’s wife, who she married and had a child with after divorcing her first husband. It appears that her happy life has gone on a different path after divorcing and she has done so in a way unimaginable. Edward was her longtime boyfriend back in highs cool, so she met up with him again and ended up marrying him. Essentially spiking Edward Cotner is not famous so it lessens the drama in her life as he is just a normal dude. But you rarely see him anywhere except on some premiers and special occasions where he poses with his family. This guy is almost good to be true and lets her wife do anything and is always there to go out with her when she needs it.


Alison Berns Appalled by Only being the Ex of Howard Stern

Alison Berns was recently shocked to discover that her only trait in life is being the ex-wife of Howard Stern. She recently talked about something in an interview which references the way she has been portrayed on the internet. It was her friend who actually started the conversation as she saw an article which stated the marriage that she had with Howard Stern and where their story was told in quite a heart-sobbing way. But then it proceeds to a list of Top Ten Celebrity Ex Wives, where Allison is also appearing, She says that she understands the click-bait sites and how they work and this is obviously what they are doing here. But she is also appalled by the fact that she may forever be recognized as Howard Stern’s ex-wife and nothing more.


Neil Flynn Receive a Speech Alumni Award

Neil Flynn may not be in line to receive an Oscar in recent future. But we will forever cherish his acting and various portrayals of goofy and quirky characters along the years. The actor has made it a habit to making us laugh, whether he appears as a dad like in “Mean Girls” or ABC’s “The Middle” or for his memorable role as the janitor of all traits in “Scrubs.” Neil is going to be given an alumni award at Bradley University.

Neil actually graduated from Peoria University in 1982 and during his time there he was on the school’s speech team for the entirety of four years. This is a great honor for him which he will be given the Distinguished Alumni Award given by the American Forensic Association National Individual Events Tournament. As part of the ceremony, it is going to be an introduction to the AFA tournament which starts immediately after this ceremony which is an event that will most certainly draw a crowd of more than 1,000 people. During this ceremony, the national champion in collegiate speech is also going to be named.


Susan Lacy Decides not to Interview Kate Capshaw for the Steven Spielberg Documentary

You have probably heard that a Steven Spielberg documentary is on its way to be made for the HBO network. The one to produce and make everything is Susan Lacy, but she came with an unusual discovery recently. She actually claimed that she is not going to interview Kate Capshaw, Steven’s wife, nor any of their children for the movie. She says that they do keep things private within the family and nor does Steven nor Kate like to expose themselves privately.

Susan says that she wants to honor their secrecy about their affairs and is not going to interview any of the immediately family members. But on the other hand, an interview with his parents and his siblings is already scheduled to be made. Susan says that this is a different matter as they were there at the time of Steven’s birth and that they are the right ones to ask about anything related to Steven. All in all, Kate does not seemed to be bothered with this and like always leaves herself out of this matters.


Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw at an event for The Oscars (2016)

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