Steven Strait Biography

Steven Strait is an American actor, model, and a singer. You might remember him from movies like “Covenant”, “10,000 BC”, Starz TV series “Magic City”, and from his newest project TV series “The Expanse”.

Steven Strait Age

Steven Strait was born on March 23, 1986. At the moment of writing this article, Steven Strait is 31 years old.


Steven Strait

Steven Strait Partner and Family

Steven Strait was born in Greenwich Village, New York City, New York. He is a son of Jean Dyer (karate fighter by some sources) and Richard Dyer Strait. We couldn’t find anything about the current status of his parents or his relationship with them. It is like Steven went offline in 2013 and nothing after that date can be found on any of the social networks.

What we do know is that Steven Strait didn’t want to be an actor. His first job was modeling and acting was something his parents wanted for his future. That is why he was learning how to act at the Village Community School before he started acting at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting while he was attending High School. It was a pretty busy childhood for Steven Strait.


Steven Strait with his ex-wife Lynn Collins

He was married to the beautiful actress Lynn Collins (you might remember her as a beautiful blue eyed princess of Mars from “John Carter”) from 2007 to 2013. Actually, the two of them were dating from 2003. It is unknown what exactly went wrong in their relationship. We don’t believe that the age difference can become a problem all of a sudden, considering the number of years the spent together before getting married. Viola Lynn Collins is almost nine years older than Steven Strait, so that is why we mentioned the age difference.

While Steven Strait is single at this time, his ex-wife remarried two years after their separation. She married Matthew Boyle in 2015 and she now has one child with him. Judging by the brief time Lynn waited after the divorce and immediately got pregnant, maybe that was the problem. Maybe, Steven didn’t want kids. That is only a speculation and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Steven Strait Education and Career

As we previously stated, Steven Strait attended Village Community School in which he first tried acting on stage. Then he continued with Xavier High School and at the same time took acting classes at the Stella Adler Studio. During that period he also tried modeling and he appeared in Spoon Magazine, Surface, Hollister Co, etc.

He started his career after moving to California. His first role was in an episode if a small TV series called “Third Watch” and got his first real full feature role in a movie about a school for supernatural teenagers “Sky High”. Right after finishing that film he got the role of a struggling actor and musician called “Undiscovered”. Although “Undiscovered” had some good reviews written by critics, the rest of the audience hated it and it bombed really hard at the box office. However, there were some positive things that came out of that disaster. Steven was actually a pretty good musician and he had a band called “Tribe” during that period. Since “Undiscovered” covered the sphere of life close to his other habits and skills. He recorded a total of 15 tracks for the official movie soundtrack and was noticed more for his singing skills than for his acting.

In 2006 he played one of the main roles in a movie about (again) supernatural teenagers and young adults.


Steven Strait in TV series The Expanse (2015)

Steven Strait 10,000 BC

His biggest and most expensive role to date was in Roland Emmerich “10,000 BC”. It was actually the much-anticipated summer blockbuster which was eventually panned by critics and regular moviegoers alike. It was filled with exaggerations and historical inaccuracies, but acting itself was never criticized. His character was a hunter in the prehistoric age. His mission was to track and engage some strange warriors who raided his village and save the love of his life. That movie opened some new doors to Steven Strait and his future collaboration with Syfy and their new project “The Expanse”.

In 2009, he had major roles in a couple of underrated TV series and movies like: “City Island” and “Magic City”. In family drama, “City Island” he played side by side with Andy Garcia and in TV series “Magic City” he played with stars like Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Olga Kurylenko. It is a shame that “Magic City” got canceled after the season 2 finale. There were some rumors that Starz is going to sell the rights to some other company, but that has never been accomplished.

Steven Strait The Expanse

After that, Steven played in a couple more critic panned movies and TV series until he got the main role in TV series “The Expanse” in 2015. That one created some serious fan base as a science fiction mystery drama in space. The series has been renewed for the third season, so it has to be good.


Steven Strait in movie After(2012)

Strait in “The Twilight Saga”

Steven Strait was in talks for the part of Jacob Black in the New Moon – Twilight Saga. There were photos of him, half naked with long hair, circling the Internet for some time. But as you already know, that was not the case. His photos really stirred the female public, and if the production listened to the public, we would’ve had a better movie… maybe.

Is Steven gay?

Because of the pretty looks and the fact that he was a model, there were some rumors that Steven Strait is gay. But we assure you, he is far from gay. Who can be gay and live with Lynn Collins for 10 years? Nope, Steven is not gay.


Steven Strait is white and the citizen of the United States of America. He has half English and half Italian ancestry.

Steven Strait Filmography

Theatrical releases

  • 2005 Sky High
  • 2005 Undiscovered
  • 2006 The Covenant
  • 2008 10,000 BC
  • 2008 Stop-Loss
  • 2009 City Island
  • 2012 After
  • 2013 Sleeping with the Fishes
  • 2016 Hot


  • 2001 Third Watch (1 Episode)
  • 2010 HMS (TV Movie)
  • 2010 Chase (1 Episode)
  • 2012 Magic City (16 Episodes)
  • 2014 Revenge (2 Episodes)
  • 2015 Present The Expanse

[table caption=”Biography & Facts” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|350″ colalign=”left|center”]
Born:,March 23. 1986.
Ethnicity:,English and Italian
Profession:,actor. model and a singer
Net Worth:,N/A
Hair Color:,Black
Eye Color:,Dark brown
Height:, 6′ 2″ (1.88 m)
Married to:,Lynn Collins(2007-2013)
Affair with:,N/A
Birth Sign:,Aries
Education:,Xavier High School in New York City

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