Stone Cold Steve Austin Biography

Steven James Anderson, also known as Stone Cold Steve Austin was born in Victoria, Texas, United States. Steve has three brothers, Scott, Kevin and Jeff, and one younger sister Jennifer.

Steven went to Edna High School and got his scholarship within football on Wharton Country Junior College. After, followed a full scholarship at the University of North Texas. A desire to be a wrestler led him to become Chris Adams’ student in the Dallas Sporatorium. There, he was taught the moves and techniques. With this way of wrestling he earned 20$ a fight.


Stone Cold Steve Austin

The first time he was taught kayfabe was in his 1989 when he had televised debut after which his earning grow up to 40$ a fight. At the beginning he didn’t have any stage name and he performed under his name Steven James Anderston, until Dutch Mantell, Memphis booker, gave him a name Steve Austin, during the formation of the United States Wrestling Association from two wrestling promotions, World Class and Continental Wrestling Association.

In 1990 Austin left USWA and joined WCW next year, during this time he got a nickname “Stunning”. Only three weeks on this job he won his first title. In WCW he was paired with valets, one of which he married, Jeanie Adams, whose stage name was “Lady Blossom”. Two times he had a long reign as a champion, in 1991 and in 1992, the second one he lost to Ricky Steamboat.


“The Hollywood Blonds” (Stone Cold Steve Austin and Brian Pillman)

When early 1993 came, in January he formed a famous tag team with Brian Pillman “The Hollywood Blonds”. They were champions for five months. Pillman got injured and was replaced with Steven Regal. After his comeback Austin fought and defeated him in a single match at Clash of the Champions XXV.

Two times Stone Cold Steve Austin held a title until Jim Duggan defeated him in a thirty five seconds fight. In 1995 Steve had a knee injury and when he returned he finally defeated Duggan in a tournament for the vacant WCW United States Heavyweight title. He defeated him in the very first round, via countout. The same year, after suffering a triceps injury, Steve Austin was fired and rehired by WCW. In the meantime he worked at Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) and he did in-ring interviews and there he developed his “Stone Cold” persona. He retired in 2002 when his non-wrestling carrier began.

His personality and fight gave him popularity, his themes and moves were adored by the crowd, and his quotes became very famous, as:

You can talk about your Psalms and your John 3:16. Well, Austin 3:16 says I just whooped your *ss.

And that’s the bottom line, cuz Steve Cold says so.

“Why have you not broken from the pack? You’re playing it safe. Safe aint gonna get you sh!t in this world.

Stone Cold Steve Austin can be seen in many TV Shows, as Nash Bridges, VIP, Dilbert, as well as on some movies like action movie The Condemned, The longest Yard, Beyond the Mat . In 2013 he started a weekly podcast The Steve Austin Show and The Steve Austin Show- Unleashed!

Stone Cold Steve Austin can be seen not only on TV, podcast or YouTube. He is also a video game hero!

Stone Cold Steve Austin Net Worth & Salary

By 2017 Stone Cold Steve Austin net worth is estimated at 45 million dollars. With this worth he is ranged higher than the highest paid performer John Cena. Not only that he earned while fighting, but his worth continued to grow when he started acting carrier.

Partners, Family and wives of Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s first marriage was with his highscholl sweetheart Kathryn Burrhus but the marriage got annulled for less than two years, on August 1992. As it seems, he had an affair with his colleague Jeanie Clark, who he married on December the same year. They have two daughters, Stephanie, born in 1991, and Cassidy, born in 1996, and Austin also adopted Jeanie’s daughter Jade. None of his daughters lives with Austin now.


Stone Cold Steve Austin’s daughters

Charming Steve got married in 2002 for the third time to Debra Marshal, an actress. Shortly he was accused of violence against his wife Debra. She reported him to the police for beating and hitting. Stone Cold Steve Austin was arrested and got a year probation, he had to pay 1000 dollars and to do 80 hours of community work.

But his love life doesn’t stop there; in 2009 he got to lucky number, his fourth wife Kristen Till now it looks like they are doing great. There are no children in this marriage but they do have somebody to take care of. They have 5 dogs in their house in Texas and his Instagram is full of their pictures. Let’s hope that this life and this wife is the one for famous retired wrestler Stone Cold.


Steve Austin and Kristen Till


Stone Cold Steve Austin is born on December 18th, 1964. This December he will be a Stunning 53 year’s old man.

Stone Cold Steve Austin  Height & Weight

As a true wrestling champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin is 6ft and 2in high (1.88m) and weights 252 lbs (114kg). People around him must feel really small. I believe you wouldn’t like to find yourself in a ring with him!

Is Stone Cold Steve Austin gay?

Steve Austin with his four wife’s and three daughters can possibly be gay. Unless, of course, the marriages are just a cover…

Nationality & Ethnicity

Take one look at Stone Cold Steve Austin and it will be clear that he is a white man. He is born in Texas, United States so he is an American citizen. It is not familiar if he is religious but we can assume that Stone Cold Steve Austin belongs to some church or that he is an atheist.

[table caption=”Biography & Facts” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|350″ colalign=”left|center”]
Born:,December 18th 1964
Profession:,Actor – producer – retired professional wrestler
Net Worth:, $ 45 million
Hair Color:,Blond
Eye Color:,Blue
Height:,6ft and 2in high (1.88m)
Weight:,252 lbs (114kg)
Married to:,Kristen Till
Affair with:,Jeanie Clark
Children:,3 daughters (Stephanie / Cassidy / Jade)
Birth Sign:,Sagittarius
Education:,University of North Texas

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