Supergirl Season 3 Recap

The Arrows related TV show “Supergirl” has just finished its third season. The youngest of the series of the bunch is still airing on CW and it appears that it will be renewed for its fourth season. After the climactic finale of the third season, we expect much more presence and many new exciting episodes from Kara Jor-El, aka Supergirl (portrayed brilliantly by Melissa Benoist).

Melissa Benoist in Supergirl

Melissa Benoist in “Supergirl”

The third season started its run on 9 October 2017 and ended its run with the 23rd episode of the season on 18 Jun 2018. The show introduced a new villain, showing that they can be fresh, but they also kept the core of the main characters that started with the first season. Supergirl has shown that it can be much more than a campy the devil wears Prada rip-off and has become a very interesting viewing material for all the comic books and DC fans alike.

Here is a short recap of things that came in season 3, while we are highly expecting season 4 to begin setting in October of 2018.

S03 E01 – Girl of Steel

Kara mourns the passing on Mon-El (Chris Wood) by trying to be the best Supergirl that she ever was and tries to do more good deeds. At the same time, a mysterious new threat is looming over the city and Supergirl has to deal with it. Alex (Chyler Leigh) tells a secret to Maggie (Floriana Lima) and Kara learns that mystery person from National City has a kind of connection with her.

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S03 E02 – Triggers

A Meta-Human who calls herself Psi papers and she garners psychic abilities. She has the ability to evoke people’s greatest fears in them and she tortures Kara with the memories of the destruction of Krypton and her losing Mon-El.

S03 E03 – Far from the Tree

J’onn (David Harewood) receives a message from M’gann and has to travel back to Mars. Kara joins him as a backup. Eliza throws Alex and Maggie a bridal shower and Alex convinces Maggie to invite her father.

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S03 E04 – The Faithful

Kara decides to participate at a meeting of a self-help group along with Winn (Jeremy Jordan) and James (Mehcad Brooks). The group is actually a cult made up of people who Supergirl previous saved. Their leader is a man who got inspired when Kara revealed her powers as Supergirl for the first time. He also follows the Kryptonian God Rao’s teachings and spreads his faith.

Jeremy Jordan

Jeremy Jordan

S03 E05 – Damage

Several children are diagnosed with lead poisoning and Lena (Katie McGrath) was accused of it. She was publicly accused by Morgan Edge who even forced her to give a speech. Kara and Sam investigate the matter and find out the all of the children were at a pool together which was laced with some kind of a chemical.

S03 E06 – Midvale

Kara and Alex go back to Midvale where they grow up in order to bond together. But they instead end up quarreling all the time. But they soon start to remember a tragedy from the past where their childhood friend got killed and how it brought them together. The memory of that even does the very same thing again for them.

S03 E07 – Wake Up

Kara and Finn in investigate a crashed spaceship underwater of National City. They soon find Mon-El inside and find out that his ship has gone through a wormhole.

S03 E08 – Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1

The entire gang is brought together to attend Barry and Iris’ wedding, while the ceremony is cut short by villains coming from Earth-X. Everybody has to join forces once again to stop the ongoing threat.

S03 E09 – Reign

A mysterious symbol starts to appear throughout National City. Kara traces the symbol’s origin to be of Kryptonian origin. She finds out that this symbol is associated with a long forgotten evil. Sam becomes Reign and she starts attacking random people throughout National City.

S03 E10 – Legion of Superheroes

After her fight with Reign, Kara is in a dreamlike state. She is recovering from the injuries sustained from that fight. But in the meantime, Mon-El recruits Brainiac 5, a member of the Legion of Superheroes, in order to help her and bring Kara back.

S03 E11 – Fort Rozz

In order to defeat Reign, Supergirl teams up with Saturn Girl. The pair goes on to recruit Livewire and Psi in order to help them go and get a prisoner who is stuck at Fort Rozz. The prisoner is the only one with the knowledge that can help them stop Reign.

S03 E12 – For Good

Lena is poisoned by a mysterious hitman and Morgan Edge accuses her of plotting an assassination on him. Kara tries to help Lena clear her name and uncover the mysterious assassination attempt on her life.

S03 E13 – Both Sides Now

Supergirl in tandem with the DEO are sent to the home of Julia Freeman. She seems normal at first but her Worldkiller persona emerges as she is attacked and she becomes Purity. Sam is on sick leave and is off spending more time with Ruby. But when sensing Purity she becomes Reign again and goes off abandoning Ruby there.

S03 E14 – Schott Through the Heart

Winn’s father has died so he is accompanied by Alex and Kara to attend his funeral. There he meets his estranged mother Marry. A copycat Toyman appears so Winn has to work with his mother that he cars so little about to stop the copycat.

S03 E15 – In Search of Lost Time

M’rynn performs a ritual at the DEO which lets loose a psychic bleed that causes everyone’s aggression to emerge. It affects everyone except Mon-El, who is immune. They have to fight in order to stop the effects of this situation. Mon-El also finds time to teacher Supergirl some fighting tricks that she can use against Worldkillers.

S03 E16 – Of Two Minds

A third Worldkiller emerges, Pestilence, but Supergirl and Imra have a difference of opinion on how to fight it. But Pestilence gravel injures Alex and Winn during an attack. Supergirl and Imra have to throw their differences aside in order to stop the third Worldkiller and stop the destruction that it causes.

S03 E17 – Trinity

Lena’s secret is revealed and Kara asks Guardian to alter his relationship with Lena forever. Meanwhile, all three of the Worldkillers team-up. Supergirl and the entire team have to battle Purity, Pestilence, and Reign together at once.

S03 E18 – Shelter from the Storm

After the previous battle, Reign is the only Worldkiller left alive. But she has also absorbed the powers of the other two Worldkillers. She is now looking for Ruby while Supergirl and Alex are doing their best to keep her safe. Supergirl and J’onn ask Sam’s mother for advice on how to stop Reign and learn some shocking news.

S03 E19 – The Fanatical

A survivor and a follower of Colville’s cult emerges. She is in possession of his secret journal that might hold the key that Supergirl needs. She gives the journal to James and he, in turn, gives it to Supergirl so she can use it to save Sam.

S03 E20 – Dark Side of the Moon

Kara and Mon-El discover a meteor. When they go to investigate they soon learn that a part of Krypton survived on it. These are the remnants of Argo City and Kara soon finds out that her mother is still alive there. Meanwhile, Alex is out with Ruby and she gets attacked twice,

S03 E21 –Not Kansas

Kara and Mon-El engage in a battle with Reign. Lena creates an injection that could separate Sam from Reign. She injects it with it and Reign disintegrates. Winn and James discover that DEO-grade weapons are issued and sold on the street. This prompts J’onn to investigate and find the perpetrators.

S03 E22 – Make it Reign

Supergirl learns Selena’s plan about Earth. She is joined by Mon-El and Alura to try and stop her. They have to devise a plan to stop her from reaching Earth or else all will be lost. In the meantime, J’onn is getting ready to say goodbye to his father.

S03 E23 – Battles Lost and Won

Supergirl is joined together with her entire team and an epic battle ensues against Selena in order to save Earth.