Susan Mikula Net Worth, Birthday, Age

Susan Mikula is an American photographer and a true artist. It’s a shame that everybody is just talking about her relationship with Rachel Maddow, not paying enough attention to her professional success. Rachel is an award winning television host, writer, and political commentator from the United States. She even has her own show called “The Rachel Maddow Show” on MSNBC TV.

Susan Mikula Age

Susan Mikula was born in 1958. The exact date of her birth is unknown. At the time of writing this article, She is around 59 years old.


Rachel Maddow and Susan Mikula

Susan Mikula Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Susan Mikula is somewhere around $5 million. It’s impossible to actually check the current net worth since she isn’t actually a famous “public persona”. However, we could check the exact net worth of her girlfriend, Rachel Maddow and it is $20 million. Rachel managed to earn all that money by seriously working on all fronts. She was an author, political commentator and a TV personality. Well, come on! Is she a machine? Her salary (on an annual level) is somewhere around $7 million.

Susan Mikula Partner and Family

Susan was born in New Jersey, United States, where she spent the part of her childhood. She actually grew up in a small town called New Hampshire because her parents had to move there. It is unknown whether or not she has some siblings.


Susan Mikula with her girlfriend Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow has been Susan’s partner since 1999. And in spite the length of their relationship, the two of them are not thinking about marriage. They are happy with their love and they are even planning to adopt a child according to some sources.

However, the two of them met in a very strange set of circumstances. As the matter of fact, Rachel needed someone to organize her backyard so she needed an artist. Susan applied for the job, and that was the first time they met. Their actual first date came soon after that on a firing range. Yeah, it was at an NRA “Ladies Day on the Range” event.

And after all those years, it somehow comes naturally to ask a thing or two about marriage and why not… Well, Ms. Maddow had something to say about it in one of her interviews, “I feel that gay people not being able to get married for generations, forever, meant that we came up with alternative ways of recognizing relationships”. So she basically thinks that not being married somehow became a normal thing to gay people and some of them don’t even think that marriage is a necessity.


Susan Mikula today

The two of them now live together in a farmhouse in Western Massachusetts. They also have a West Village apartment in New York City.

Susan Mikula Education and Career

To begin with, Ms. Mikula started her career in 2007 as a photographer. She also published a series of books, but not the ordinary books. No, Susan Mikula is trying to make a different sort of books – books made of photographs. That way, she “wrote” and published a book for kids made of photos. She says about her book that she was thinking about her childhood and the way books made for children affected her life. “I wanted to tell a children’s tale my way, with pictures. But in the same way that children’s books always have something vaguely magical and a child at the center. In this case, the child is a little girl, and she has all the power”.

Susan Mikula has that thing in common with her girlfriend. They have both published books. Rachel Maddow wrote Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power. That book was ranked as the number one on the New York Times Bestsellers list. On the other hand, she wrote: Susan Mikula:u.X, Susan Mikula: Photographs, and Susan Mikula: American Bond.


Susan Mikula as a young girl

In addition, for marketing and self-representation purposes, Susan made a nice looking website. You can visit it and see some of her works, as well as her own short biography.

However, you can see that she uses a really strange technique and the most of the photos she made for a “book” were out of focus. Actually, she is an “old timer”. Susan still uses the SX-70 Polaroid Camera. The manufacturing process for that camera stopped in 2007 but she still manages to find film for it and to continue working with it.


Is Susan Mikula Lesbian?

Well, there is nothing clearer than that. Yes, Susan Mikula is lesbian and she has been in a romantic relationship with a famous reporter since 1999.

Susan Mikula Ethnicity

She is white and she is a citizen of the United States of America.

Biography & Facts
Born: 1958
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: White
Religion: N/A
Profession: Photographer
Net Worth: $5 million
Salary: N/A
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Married to: No
Affair with: N/A
Children: No
Birth Sign: N/A
Education: N/A