Teddy Sears Biography


Teddy Sears is an American actor, mostly famous for appearing in numerous TV shows. He has yet to land a big role which would define him, but is doing pretty okay for his career up to now. You will recognize him for his roles in TNT’s “Raising the Ba”, FX’s “American Horror Story”, Showtime’s “Master of Sex” and CW’s “The Flash”.

After graduating with a degree in business management, Teddy was looking to become a businessman. But since that did not work out as well as planned he found another calling in life. He moved to New York and got his first audition where he ended up with a two-year contract on a daytime series called “One Life to Live”. This is what helped him launch his career and took him eventually to where he is today. He managed to get a few appearances in “Law & Order” series and spinoffs. It also led him to attend a two year acting program which eventually provided him with appearing on comedy stints. He then appeared on such programs as the “Late Show with David Letterman” and “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”. He eventually got his most prominent role by appearing as Richard Patrick Woolsley on TNT’s law show “Raising the Bar”. He would also appeared on such TV shows as “Doll House”, “The Client List” and “The Defenders”. In 2013 he appeared in “Masters of Sex” on Showtime and afterwards he got a role on CW’s “The Flash”. He played the villain of the show, Zoom, and was later revealed of being Hunter Zooloman. His latest roles includes playing Keith Mullins in “24: Legacy”.


Teddy Sears in “The Flash”

Teddy Sears Net Worth and Salary

Teddy Sears is doing pretty well for himself these days. He has already had a part in various shows in many different roles. He is able to adapt to a role with ease and make it his own. This is really good when you come to think of it in terms of his salary. For now, Teddy Sears has been able to amass a wealth of about 1 million dollars, as his estimated net worth is currently.

Teddy Sears Partner and Family

Teddy Sears is happily married to his wife who is also an actress. Teddy and Milissa Skoro got engaged after a period of dating and they officially got married in 2013. So far they are enjoying a great life together and they are both very happy even with a larger work load that they both have.


Teddy Sears and his wife Milissa Skoro

Teddy Sears Age

Teddy Sears was born in Washington D.C. on 6 April, 1977. This means that he is currently 40 years old. He grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland and went on to attend Land School in Bethesda, MD. Later he transfer to the University of Virginia where he graduated with a degree in business management. He first intended to pursue a career in business but he eventually ended up becoming an actor instead. Unfortunately, the coupe are yet to have any children but as everything is going well, we might expect to hear more about this topic in the time to come.

Height and Weight

Teddy Sears is an attractive guy that is what all the girls will tell you. Even in his 40s he is able to keep his body and look as fit as some of much younger guys. You can tell that he works out and that he maintains his appearance as best as he can. Thus he is also tall and is 192 cm in height. While his weight coms to 72 kg.


Teddy Sears

Teddy Sears Sports Background

Teddy Sears is built quite athletically and works out regularly. This also attests to his sports background as he grew up playing all kinds of sports. While in college he was a part of the varsity football team while attending the University of Maryland. Besides this he also enjoys surfing and playing ice hockey now, but only for fun. In fact, his family background also includes a lot of great athletes. Actually, his great-grandfather is a gold medalist from the 1912 Olympics for pistol shooting, while his aunt won a bronze medal on the 1956 Olympics for the 100-yard butterfly. Perhaps Teddy did not make a career in sports as other members in his family did, but he still has a great career in acting to be happy with.


Teddy Sears and Rose McIver in “Masters of Sex”

Nationality and Ethnicity

Teddy Sears is an American citizen and possess the US nationality. He is also a Caucasian by ethnic group.

Biography & Facts
Born: April 6 1977
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Religion: N/A
Profession: Actor
Net Worth: $1 million
Salary: N/A
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 192 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Married to: Milissa Skoro
Affair with: N/A
Children: N/A
Birth Sign: Aries
Education: Land School in Bethesda (MD) and the University of Virginia