Thandie Newton Net Worth, Husband, Age, Children

Thandie Newton is an English born actress of Zimbabwean descent. She has made a name for herself by staring in a variety of roles down the years. You can see her appearing with equal success both on British and American TV. She has also garnered a lot of movie roles which brought to her expanding success.

She started off her career in 1991 when she had a role in the movie “Flirting” (1991). This was followed by a minor role in “Interview with a Vampire” (1994) alongside Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. Her career started flourishing from there and she got better and more important roles.

Some of the more memorable ones include roles in big production moves such as “Bellowed” (1998), “Mission Impossible 2” (2000), “The Pursuit of Happiness” (2006) and “Norbit” (2007). But the movie that made her career probably has to be “Crash” (2004), and Oscar winning movie for which she received a number of awards. Some of them even include a BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. Other memorable performances include roles in “The Chronicles of Riddick” (2004) and “RocknRolla” (2008). She is also set to star in the upcoming Star Wars anthology movie titled “Solo: A Star Wars Story”.

But Thandie also had success by appearing on TV. Her TV series list is much shorter than her movie list is, but she does have some equally important roles there. To name a few, she was a recurring character on “ER”, had a main role on “Rogue” and “The Slap”. Currently she stars in “Line of Duty” where she has a leading role in Season 4. But her latest success can be credited to the popularity of HBO’s “Westworld.” It is her most credited role yet a she plays the role of Maeve Millay, a sentient robot that goes rogue.


Thandie Newton in Star Wars

Thandie Newton Net Worth and Salary

Thandie Newton can really say that she has had a memorable career. And her career is still not over. She is doing her best to get more roles and as it appears they are only getting better. This is not only shown through her resume but through her paycheck. She was able to expand her worth with her most recent roles and is now worth 25 million dollars. The sum might even get bigger if the success of her shows, like “Westworld” continues.

Partner and Family

Thandie Newton is a happily married woman, and she has been for some time. She married Ol Parker, a British writer, producer and director, back in 1998. She is a loving wife and a mother of three. Thandie gave birth to three loving children, two daughters and a son, and all three of them were home births. Their children are named Ripley, Nico and Booker. She has stated that her daughter Ripley is actually named after Ellen Ripley, the titled character from the movie “Aline”, while her other daughter Nico was named after the singer who bares the same name.


Thandie Newton with her husband and kids

Thandie Newton Age

Thandie Newton was born as Melanie Thandiwe “Thandie” Newton in Westminster, London, England on 6 November 1972. This makes Thandie 45 years old currently. Thandie is actually the daughter of Nyasha, a Zimbabwean princess, and Nick Newton, and English lab technician and an artist. But Thandie was mainly brought up in London and spent the entirety of her childhood there. She went to Tring Park School for the Performing Arts, where she studied dance, and also attended and graduated from Downing College, Cambridge, where she studied social anthropology. Her name “Thandiwe” actually translates as “beloved”.

In the past, while Thandie was young, she had a relationship with none other than Brad Pitt. The two of them met while filming “Interview with a Vampire” and stayed together for about a year in 1994.

Height and Weight

Thandie Newton is perhaps one of the more beautiful women coming from the British cinema. She is a very attractive woman and has the body to prove it. She has a slim build, dark brown hair and light brown eyes. Her body weight is 51 kg or 112.5 lbs and her height is 5 ft 3 in or 160 cm. Her measurements are 33-23.5-35 in or 84-60-89 cm.

Thandie Newton Acclaims

Thandie Newton has been on the cover of many magazines and has repeatedly been voted as one of the sexiest actors alive. Even now in their 40s she looks very hot and has a body of 20-year-old. But, when she was an aspiring young actress and while she was trying to make it big, she did suffer from bulimia. But later she managed to overcome it and got the star power she deserves today.

She has been voted among the 10 Sexiest Women of the Year in 2000 by Black Men magazine. She was also included in 102 Sexiest Women in the World in 2002 and was ranked as number 48. But most recently, she was named The Sexiest Vegan in the World by PETA in 2014.

Thandie Newton Nationality and Ethnicity

Thandie Newton is British by nationality, but her background is rather mixed. Her mother is a Zimbabwean princess and her father a British. But Thandie was born and raised in England, so even though she values her parent’s background she considers herself as British. But her ethnicity remains African-British.

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Born:,November 6 1972
Net Worth:,$25 million
Hair Color:,Black
Eye Color:,Dark brown
Height:,5 ft 3 in or 160 cm
Weight:,51 kg or 112.5 lbs
Married to:,Ol Parker
Affair with:,N/A
Children:,3 (Ripley – Nico – Booker)
Birth Sign:,Scorpio
Education:,Tring Park School for the Performing Arts and Downing College(Cambridge)

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