The Gold Necklace Will Become Longer and Longer?

Gold necklace is one of the most commonly worn jewelry for women. The gorgeous gold necklace not only sets off the elegant and noble temperament of women but also gives people a noble temperament. Have you found out that the gold necklace will become longer and longer after being worn for a long time? In addition, the gold necklace will occasionally break during the wearing process. What is the cause?

Why Does the Gold Necklace Will become Longer and Longer?

The ductility of gold is unusually strong. One ounce of gold can be pulled into 50 miles long. Its malleability makes it easy to cast and a great choice for jewelry. It is also because of the high ductility that gold necklaces are easily elongated and deformed. Therefore, everyone must pay more attention that does not pull it when wearing a gold necklace. After taking off the custom name necklace, you should also put it into the jewelry box in time, so as to protect the gold necklace to the greatest extent.

Why Is the Gold Necklace Break?

1. Craft factors

Some low-end brand jewelry manufacturing processes are not up to standard. If the solder joint process is poor, there will be problems such as virtual welding, which will easily cause the necklace to break. Therefore, when purchasing, you should choose a shopping mall or brand store with a larger scale, good reputation and quality assurance to choose a fine gold necklace.

2. External factors

The maintenance of jewelry is a very important thing. The correct way is to remove the necklace before doing things like dressing, bathing, etc. However, many people often forget this, causing the necklace to rub the hair, towels, and clothing. This kind of rubbing causes the external force on the necklace, which is the most common and major cause of necklace breakage.


How to Maintain the Gold Necklace?

In fact, the gold necklace is not as fragile as everyone thinks. In the process of wearing, as long as you carefully maintain and care, the gold necklace will not be so easily deformed and broken.

1. Gold is relatively soft, so do not always drag the gold necklace during daily wear, so as not to deform.

2. Remember to take off the gold necklace before going to bed, so as not to accidentally press the gold necklace when sleeping.

3. When not wearing, wrap the gold monogram necklace with velvet cloth and put it into the jewelry box to avoid mutual friction and damage.

4. Gold necklaces and platinum or other different materials are best not to stack together because the hardness is very easy to cause friction and damage to the gold surface.

5. Avoid gold necklaces in direct contact with perfumes, hair gels, cosmetics, etc, otherwise, it will easily lead to fading of gold ornaments. Pure gold jewelry is always the last step in dressing and the first action when undressing.

6. The gold necklace that is often worn should be inspected monthly. If there is a crack that can be discerned by the naked eye, or a natural oxide layer is formed on the surface, the gold necklace can be taken to a regular jeweler for repair and polishing.

7. Gold jewelry with gems should be checked frequently to avoid the claws lose to make the gems fall. Gold ornaments that are not often worn can be placed in cotton quilts and plastic bags to separate and protect the gold jewelry.

8. After wearing the gold necklace, if it is tarnished by stains and dust, you can use the jewelry cleaner sold on the market to clean it, or put the gold ornament in a neutral detergent and soak it in warm water, then remove it and dry it. Mix salt and vinegar into a cleaning agent, and use it to wipe pure gold jewelry, which can make it shine as new. Wipe with toothpaste or scrub with hot rice soup can also restore luster. Personalized Jewelry at Cheap Prices – GetNameNecklace