The Story of Richard Garfield and His Net Worth

It’s impossible to talk about card games without mentioning the multiple award-winning, strategy-based game – Magic: The Gathering. It was a brainchild of Richard Garfield, who also designed other games such as, RoboRally, Star Wars Trading Card Game, Artifact and many more.

Knowing just this can make any gamer interested to learn more about the man behind all these amazing games. Let us now find out about Richard Garfield and his fame.

Who is Richard Garfield?

A successful game developer, inventor and a Bachelor’s degree holder in computer mathematics with a Ph.D. in combinatorial mathematics – Richard Channing Garfield was born in 1963 in Philadelphia.

He developed his first game when he was just a teenager. But he is mostly known for his invention Magic: The Gathering, which is regarded as the first-ever modern collectible card game. He started the design for this legendary game during the late 1980s and released it in 1993 under the publishing of Wizards of Coast, who are also publishers of popular games like Dungeons & Dragons and Pokemon.

His Game Designing Career


Richard Garfield approached Wizards of Coast to publish his board game, RoboRally which was designed in 1985. However, Peter Adkins, the founder, and CEO of Wizards of Coast couldn’t publish the game at that time as he thought his company lacked the resources and technology to produce Richard’s board game despite liking the game.

Instead, Adkins asked Richard to design a game that is simple and can be carried easily by the players, so it can be played anywhere. That’s how Richard started working on a game we now know as Magic: The Gathering.

Richard began designing the Magic prototypes as a graduate student and most of his play-testers were students from his University.

After the successful release of his game Magic: The Gathering in 1993, Richard started working with Wizards of Coast as a game designer in 1994. The Wizards also published his game RoboRally in the same year Richard joined them as a game designer.

Garfield is also listed on the Adventure Gaming Hall of Fame along with his game Magic. He soon bid goodbye to Wizards of Coast to establish himself a career as an independent game designer.

What is Magic?

Magic: The Gathering is the first-ever widely played card game, it’s supposedly a strategy-based, trading card game with a fantasy theme. The basis of the game is that you play as a wizard, called planeswalker, who must fight with other planes-walkers for knowledge, victory, and glory in the vast and unique fantasy worlds. To do this, the planeswalker gathers creatures, spells, and weapons to assist you in the elimination of other planeswalkers.

Magic provides players with different cards that offer a unique gameplay experience by the various levels of choice and customization for the players. The magic of Magic is that it can be played alone as well as with friends. If you’ve found Magic to be too complex, you have the choice to try something else but nothing will come close to the brilliance of Magic.

It is believed that Magic introduced a whole new gaming genre to the world and has gained a fan-base of millions in over 70 countries.

Net Worth of Richard Garfield


Richard Garfield’s income source primarily comes from his career as a game designer. Considering he designed many successful games, even contributed towards the development and designing of several videogames while being a consultant at Microsoft company, how much could his net worth actually be?

As of 2019, at the age of 56, Richard Garfield’s approximated net worth is 1 million USD. His brilliant game had cost him less than one hundred thousand dollars to bring to market but has given Garfield more than 125 million dollars. Crazy, right?