John Francis Daley and Johnathan Goldstein Had Just Three Days to Make their Pitch to Marvel

The recent smash hit Marvel movie “Spiderman: Homecoming” saw the popular web-crawler finally make its way to the MCU and at the same time managed to reunite the studios which were having such a long strife with each other. The studios managed to appease the fan and found a way to work together and Spiderman was allowed to first appear in “Captain America: Civil War” and then get his own movie.

If you have seen, the movie than you know that this is rightfully one of the funniest, heart-throbbing movies about Peter Parker and Spiderman. If you have not seen the movie, then what are you waiting for. But the creative minds behind the movie were a combination of writers which included Jon Watts, Christopher Ford and Chris McKenna, but also the duo which was mostly popular with their movies “Horrible Bosses” and “Vacation,” Johnathan Goldstein and John Frances Daley.

If you were wondering how the movie got its sense of humor and its John Hughes moments, then this is your answer. But they actually only unveiled it recently that the comedic writing duo only had three days to convince the heads at Marvel to hire them. They said that they really did not expect this to happen so fast and that they needed to give a pitch in only three days. It was hard to determine the Peter Parker and his life in high school and also develop other characters as well. But they pulled it off successfully and we got a great movie on our hands in the end.

Dave Rienzi is Preparing the Meanest and Maddest Hobs Yet

The “Fate of the Furious” has already hit the theaters and if you did not know Dwayne Johnson is in it. But of course you knew that, the character of Hobs is what has risen the franchise from a gimmicky movie with cars to a gimmicky movie with cars and the Rock in it. And that is a lot better. In preparation for the latest movie. Dave Rienzi, the personal trainer of Dwayne Johnson, said that they are looking to make him the meanest and baddest Hobs to date.

Although Johnson does not really look as if he needs any more muscle, he does looks substantially more ripped than before. Dave says that Johnson is always in the gym, he is constantly working out and training. That can sometimes be counterproductive and he has arranged a different kind of program for him now which will help him reach the goal that we are looking for. Instead of training too much they are now concentrating on 45-60 minutes of really intense workout. Dave said that he had to limit him as overtraining can sometimes lead to bad consequences. It appears that it works, because Dwayne is looking more really impressive and that is saying a lot when talking about the Rock.


Erin Burnett Severely Criticizes the White House and President Trump

CNN reporter Erin Burnett had this to say about the White House and its newest president Donald Trump. “Is the chaos ending or just beginning? Survivor: White House Edition” These are the words that the reporter used to introduce her story and a severe criticize of the Trump administration and how he is supposedly treating his newly appointed position. After Trump’s latest Twit which said “It’s a great day at the White House,’” Burnett went on to compare the behaviors of the latest president and its staff members to stars of a reality show.

After the release of the Scaramucci from the potion of the White House Communications Director last week, only after being appointed there ten days prior, it appears that nobody is safe in the White House. Trump is receiving a lot of criticism as he is supposedly treating the White House as his own private island, one that he is voting off and removing other participants from. Erin Burnett has harshly said that the behavior of a president should not be this way and that he needs to get a lot more serious and get his act together and decides on what he wants.


Neil Tardio Jr Joins Mrs. Bond

It has been reported recently that Neil Tardio Jr. is going to become the part of the Mrs. Bond production company based in Los Angeles. He will join the company for exclusive U.S. spot representation and will become a partner in the production company as well. The company was previously named as Recommended Media and appear to be expanding with this movie and some previous ones that they have pulled. Neil Tardio Jr. has previously done work for such clients as AT&T, Budweiser, Coca-Cola, ESPN, McDonald’s, Nike, Virgin and Volkswagen. Besides this, he has also managed to direct music videos for Queen Latifah and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.


The Cast of SYFY’s Expanse Talks about the Upcoming Season

Steven Strait and other stars of SYFY’s show the Expanse got together in an interview where they talked about some things coming in the next season. Since it was confirmed that the show has been renewed for another season, we have learned some exciting elements coming within the third one. “We are now going to be exposed to things way beyond what we were ever used to before,” said Cas Anvar, who plays Alex on the show, gearing up for an exciting new season.

Dominique Tipper and Steven Strain also exchanged some jokes aiming them at Tipper mostly, or rather her character Naomi as Steven said that her betrayal is not going to sit well with Holden. Holden is the character which Steven plays and he seems to be not all too happy with what Naomi has done. Luckily Dominique and Steven get along pretty fine in real life as they have stated.


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