Todd Hoffman Net Worth 2020


Todd Hoffman was born on 12 April 1969 in Sandy, Oregon and is known as the person who initiated mining in Alaska. He was also the originator of the reality show, Gold Rush. As both a miner and TV personality, Todd has come a long way from the jobless man with a low-functioning airport during the recession.

Todd Hoffman Net Worth

Todd has an estimated net worth of $5 million. Most of his wealth has been gained from the Gold Rush shows. He is the owner of Zum Media, a production company and an airport in Sandy, Oregon.

Todd Hoffman Mining Career

Even though Todd’s father’s goal of striking it rich on the gold mines was neverrealized, it was enough to inspire Tod to go into gold mining.

The global recession can be seen as more of a blessing for Todd than anything else. True, his airport business was down and he found himself with no job, but because of this, Todd was forced to venture into an area he would probably never have thought of.

Inspired by his father, Jack, Todddecided to go into gold prospecting. To accomplish this, Todd picked 4 of his friends, all of whom were jobless, who together with Todd and his father, formed the Hoffman crew.

Except for the stories that his father had told him about mining, Todd knew nothing about mining so he set out to learn all he could about the task ahead. To his credit, Todd is good at organizing and leading people, a useful skill in the mining industry.

The crew went prospecting in Porcupine Creek in Alaska, and even though this first venture was not successful, Todd and his crew did not give up. Instead, after losing their original claim, Todd and his crew went to Quartz Creek in Klondike. This venture was highly successful and Todd raked in $3 million.


Todd Hoffman

Todd Hoffman & the Gold Rush

Gold Rush is a reality TV show that was created by Todd and which is aired by Discovery Channel. It takes a look at the mining experiences of family-owned mining companies. It first aired in December 2010 and is currently on season 10.

The first 8 seasons of the show covered Todd and his Hoffman crew and they have endeared themselves to their audience. The success of the crew attests to Todd’s ability to make a crew work efficiently and effectively. The show is the highest-rated show on Discovery.

After leaving Gold Rush, Todd has his eyes set on another reality show, Greenhorn Gold. This show looks at amateur gold miners trying to find their way through the mining industry.


“Gold Rush” Todd Hoffman

Todd Hoffman Early Life and Family

Todd was born in Germany on 12 April 1969 and is the son of Jack and Georgia Hoffman. He has one sister, Tamra. When Todd was young, his family moved to the US which is where Todd was raised. There is no information about where Todd went to school and his education level.

Tod’s son, Hunter is following in his father’s mining footsteps and can be seen on some episodes of Gold Rush.

Todd Hoffman Marriage and Children

Todd is married to Shauna and they have 2 children, Hudson and Hunter. Todd describes himself as a happily married family man.


Todd Hoffman with his family

Todd Hoffman Achievements

Todd was able to pull himself out of the recession, albeit with several seemingly insurmountable problems. He owns Zum Media which was responsible for releasing the successful TV show, Gold Rush.

Todd Hoffmanand the Future

After retiring from Gold Rush, there was a short period where it was thought that Todd was preparing to launch another reality show, Greenhorn Gold. This, together with Meat, a cooking show, and a range of diverse shows were set to be produced by Zum Media.

However, looking at Zum Media’s programming list, all the shows have been removed, lending credence to the suspicion that Todd wants to go into singing. He has a song, I Can Only Imagine, which is making rounds on YouTube. It currently has a viewing of over one million.


Todd Hoffman in “Gold Rush”

Todd Hoffman and Social Media

Todd has a large social media following and his presence can be felt on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. He mostly shares pictures of his wife and children.

Todd Hoffman Nationality and Ethnicity

Todd Hoffman is an American citizen and holds a US nationality. His ethnicity has not been disclosed.

                       Biography & Facts
Born: 12 April 1969
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: N/A
Religion: Christian
Profession: TV Personality &Gold Miner
Net Worth: $7 million
Salary: $500,000 per season
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: N/A
Height: 5ft 8in or 1.78m
Weight: 198 lbs or 90kg
Married to: Shauna Hoffman
Affair with: N/A
Children: 2 (Hudson & Hunter)
Birth Sign: Aries
Education: N/A


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