Tony Hawk Net Worth

Tony Hawk net worth is of about $140 million. His total net worth shouldn’t come as an amazement to anybody, given the vast measure of items that bear Hawk’s name, most quite the arrangement of fiercely prevalent skateboarding computer games named as Tony Hawk Pro Skater.

Tony Hawk net worth: $140 million

Tony Hawk Profession

Born in May 1968 in the USA, Tony Hawk is professionally known as a perfect skateboarder, a brilliant actor and an intelligent entrepreneur. He is widely known for his licensed video game titles, for completing the first documented 900 and he is also considered as one of the most dominant discoverers of modern vertical skateboarding.

Tony started his own extreme sports competition known as the Boom Boom Huck Jam soon after completing a 900 in competition. He was introduced to the world of skateboards by using the old skateboard of his brother. Tony’s parents always supported his passion to learn skateboarding and resultantly at age of fourteen he became a pro at it.

Tony Hawk Earning

Tony Hawk earned his net worth through entrepreneurship, running, sponsorship along with acting. He earns around $140 million per year. The “hyperactive” Hawk established a foundation to support the disadvantaged children. He himself is the owner of the most influential skateboard park ‘The Birdman”. Through ‘Tony Hawk Foundation” he sponsored to build 400 plus more skateboard parks. He is also known to have won gold at 10 X Games.

At age of 12, Dogtown Skateboards was his first sponsor. His brands such as Birdhouse Skateboards, Hawk Clothing and the Tony Hawk Signature series, sporting series, and toys are running successfully because of this business skills.

Tony Hawk Career and education

As a kid, Tony Hawk was intelligent and challenging he studied at Jean Farb Middle School where he set up a ramp and showed demonstration.

In 2002 he appeared in Jackass; The Movie and XXX along with Vin Diesel. In 2004, Hawk facilitated Tony Hawk’s Secret Skate Park Tour, which chronicled his unexpected appearances at skate parks all through the United States.

It took him almost eleven tries before achieving the title of the first skateboarder to ever successfully land a 900. This was also known as his signature trick which influenced people both in and outside the world of skateboarding. In his 17-year old life, he won approximately 70 contests.

The legend has been signing business deals since turning a professional at age of 14. He also owns a billion-dollar video game franchise.

Tony Hawk Personal Life

In addition to running a huge business, Hawk also works for benefit of young people by sponsoring and creating skateboard parks through Tony Hawk Foundation that provides technical assistance for new parks, most importantly in low-income areas. This foundation also holds special events to entertain the public. These parks get more than 5-million visits yearly by youth who advantage from the dynamic way of life and fellowship the offices promote.

Hawk was invited in 2009 by President Barack Obama to the white house on Father’s Day where he skated in the passages of the close-by Old Executive Office Building which is on the White House grounds. This denoted the first run of skateboarded on the White House grounds with consent from authorities.

Biography & Facts
Born: 12 May 1968
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: White
Religion: N/A
Profession: Skateboarder- actor – entrepreneur
Net Worth: $140 million
Salary: around $140 million per year
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 1.9 m
Weight: 78 kg
Married to: Catherine Goodman
Affair with: N/A
Children: 4 (Riley Hawk – Kadence Clover Hawk – Keegan Hawk – Spencer Hawk)
Birth Sign: Taurus
Education: Jean Farb Middle School