Top 10 Ingenious Creations Ever Made

“This world is beautiful” is that an artificial robot from the hit series Westworld utters constantly. At first, she does not know that the world around her is artificial, but when she does get to learn the reality, she utters the same lines once again.

The world around us truly is beautiful. Of course, all of that what is naturally created can is considered beautiful. But we are talking about the ability of man to create. Create with its fingers and create with its mind. The creative aspect of a person is limitless and there are numerous examples surrounding us.

We may not have the same minds today as in the Renaissance or in the past ages, but we do have some very creative contemporary people. Thanks to these people who don’t let good ideas go to waste are we able to make the world around us even more beautiful.

Here are some inventions that truly prove how creative a person’s mind can actually be.

The Cuddle Mattress

Couples like to cuddle, that is a fact. But sometimes it can be hard to do so when you are bounded by the laws of physics or your own bed. How many times has it happened to you that your arm falls asleep while you are trying to hug your significant other while he or she is lying on it? You probably can’t count the exact number of times this has happened.

But thanks to the creativity of people we have a solution to this problem. The Cuddle Mattress is a specifically made mattress for couples who like to hug and snuggle. It has slots within it so you can slide your hand inside perfectly. It is soft and comfortable so no more tough love for you.

The Spherical Bath Tub

The Spherical Bath Tub was invented by a Russian designer named Alexander Zhukovsky. It is meant to look aesthetically astounding and confuse all of your senses at the same time. Simply saying, it is a see-through sphere positioned in the center of the room with water inside it.

Bathing in it will give all of your senses a run for their money. It is like bathing in mid-air. There is no better feeling in the world, like those that have tried it say. Another great example of how a human’s mind can create something beautiful and something that brings pleasure at the same time.

The Bio Fireplace


Have you always wanted a fireplace in your apartment? Unfortunately, the way our luxurious and modern apartments are built now do not account for a fireplace existing in one. So you have to find some other ways of being romantic.

But thanks to the creators of the bio-fireplace, or the eco fireplace, that is not completely true. This fireplace uses environmentally friendly ethanol which is made out of wood chips. It is a safe and easy way to light a fireplace inside your apartment now without any dangers that an old rustic one might bring.

Pillow Fight Weapons

Make pillow fight, not war! That is something that you probably never thought you would hear. Creator Bryan Ku thought about it very thoroughly and decided to design pillow fight weapons.

Essentially, these are still pillow but shaped as weapons. You can use a pillow ax, a pillow sword or even a pillow grenade. This way kids won’t hurt themselves when playing with pillows and they can still have lots of fun by playing safely.

The Weightless Table

Are you a fan of illusions? If so, you will love the weightless table! It was designed by Duffy London and is a perfect accessory to add to your modern flat.

The table is designed in a way where a bunch of balloons is holding a piece of glass. When you look at it you can’t help yourself but get a feeling of weightlessness and being out of breath at the same time.

The Vegetable Toy Set

This one is actually an idea proposed by le Fab Shop and their design team. All the creative work is for the user while the designers have only made the parts for it available. The idea is that you use the parts and vegetables, which you need to prepare yourself and make your very own toys.

Each month new parts are being released so you can add wings, propellers, wheels and all sorts of other parts to cucumbers, potatoes, carrots, etc. This is helpful for the children in two ways, it allows them to stimulate their brains and be creative while at the same time helps them appreciate healthy food more.

Tree Stump Lamps


The tree stump lamps are a perfect combination of modern, rustic and natural. Real cracked tree stumps are used and there are no two alike as each one is made with a different tree stump. Inside the cracked log light emitting diodes are placed to finish the product completely.

These stumps are perfect to decorate your home or garden. They are not only useful as lamps, but can also serve as desks or even as a nice place to sit on. A very ingenious and a good looking decoration for your home.

Signal Indicators for Cyclist

The idea of a cyclist indicator may be an old one, but if it is done in an innovative way it can truly look amazing. And it simply does! Elnur Babayev came up with an idea to add a projector to the back of the seat of a bicycle which will project indicators on the back of the driver.

It looks amazing and it works automatically. You don’t need to think about signalizing anything yourself, the invention does all the work for you. If you make a left turn, the image will display a left-turn indication. It is helpful and fun to see for everyone.

The Super Compact Stroller


This is an invention that all parents will appreciate. First of all, the design itself is pretty good looking and is very appealing for the human eye. But what makes this stroller unique is its ability to fold and transform so it can easily be fitted in a normal handbag.

All of your nightmares of carrying strollers up and down the stairs are now over. You can simply fold the stroller in half and carry it with you wherever you want. The practicality is what sells this product and it is pure genius on the designer’s part.

The Illuminating Coloring Paper

When we were kids we used to use paints to color the white parts of our coloring books. But now when we are adults, we can stimulate our brains and relieve ourselves from stress by doing the opposite. The illuminating coloring paper is actually images of cities during the dark. In order to illuminate them or “turn the lights on” is by using a sharp fountain pen to scratch out the wax part.

As you work on you illuminate the entire landscape of the picture. It looks pretty awesome and it is a great exercise for people who are stimulated by visuals. It is also great to help you stress out as it has been proven that coloring books for adults can really do that for you.