Top 10 Most Popular YouTubers of 2019

Remember those ancient times when YouTube didn’t exist and we need to invent fun by ourselves? Most of the people who use the internet today can barely remember it or do not know about these dark ages at all. YouTube has become a part of our culture and society while being a YouTuber is now a full-fledged occupation.

There is no easier job in the world. Come up with an idea, film a short clip or video, post it on YouTube, and wait for the likes, subscribers and likes to roll. Sounds simple, does it? The formula may be simple but the road to success is paved with hardship. Not all people have what it takes to be a popular celebrity on YouTube.

This is why you have to have a special talent and come up with an Idea that nobody has thought before you. There are thousands of categories and whether you make tutorial videos, prank videos, reaction videos, gameplay videos, there is something for everybody here.

So let’s look at the current lineup of the most popular YouTube channels/personalities in 2019!

10. VitalyzdTv (aka Vitaly Zdorovetskiy)


Vitaly Zdorovetskiy is a Russian-American YouTube celebrity that has one of the most rising channels of the year. His subscribers are rising constantly and it is all thanks to the versatile content that he provides and his unique sense of humor.

Vitaly became famous in 2010 when he established his VitalyzdTV channel with the Miami Zombie Attack Prank video. After gaining success with it he continued mostly with prank videos but also added a personal vlog as well. His other notable clips include the Russian Hitman Prank and Extreme Homeless Man Makeover.

Subscribers: 10,061,774

9. Vegetta777 (aka Samuel de Luque)


Samuel de Luque is a Spanish YouTuber who garnered a lot of success with his Vegetta777 channel. He mostly does gameplay videos of games such as Minecraft, Battlefield and Saint’s Row.

What sets him apart from other gameplay commentary channels is his unique way of displaying the situation in the game. He makes up elaborate backgrounds and narratives for the characters in the games that he is playing making it compelling to watch and listen.

Subscribers: 26,699,982

8. Felipe Neto



Felipe Neto is a Brazilian comedian and comedy writer and is the first person from that country to reach 1 million subscribers on YouTube. The started off his channel to display his comedic charm and ideas and managed to become one of the most watched figures on YouTube.

He mostly makes vlogs and talks about his personal life and experiences in a funny way. The target of his ridicule is also some notable and famous people and important events. Due to his fame, he even managed to release a Netflix special in 2017 called My Life Makes No Sense.

Subscribers: 32,757,132

7. Fernanfloo (aka Luis Fernando Flores)


Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado, or Fernanfloo if that is too long for you, is a Salvadorian YouTube celebrity. He mostly makes gameplay videos about video games and adds his own personal flavor to them. They are often wacky and really quirky and his dogs often appear as guests on the show.

A fun fact is that Fernanfloo has more subscribers that the population of his native country of El Salvador.

Subscribers: 33,027,063

6. JuegaGerman (aka German Garmendia)


German Garmendia is a Chilean YouTube celebrity and is perhaps the most famous person on YouTube coming from South America. He started off first with his channel HolaSoyGerman where he posted a lot of comedic content. But he later opened his current one, JuegaGerman, where he started making funny gameplay videos.

But German did not stop there as his content later expanded towards various other funny content. He is a very humorous person and German even has a band called Ancud.

Subscribers: 35,078,715

5. El Rubius (aka Ruben Doblas Gundersen)



El Rubius, or Ruben Doblas Gundersen as his full name goes, is a Spanish YouTuber who does gaming videos. He usually makes walk- through videos or popular games or reviews of new releases. He follows this with funny commentary to make it more likable.

Ruben started doing this when he was only 16-years old. After a while, he decided to make it his full job and began doing it professionally at the age of 21. He have a lot of time to make progress in the top list of the most popular Youtubers in 2019.

Subscribers: 34,865,352

4. Whinderssonnunes (aka Whindersson Nunes)



Whindersson Nunes (Whinderssonnunes) is a Brazilian YouTube celebrity known for his comedic videos. He started doing this when he was 16 years old and soon became one of the most followed person on YouTube. Whindersson is known for his music videos and parodies of movies. He also makes a personal vlog where he mostly talks about his daily life.

Subscribers: 35,798,772

3. Badabun


Badabun is on the 3rd place on the list of the most popular youtube channels in 2019. It is one of the most expanding channels currently on YouTube. The Mexican channel has a very simple formula as they provide various comedic content in the form of series. Its most popular series is called “Exponiendo Infieles,” where the interviewer asks questions to couples in order to see if they cheated on each other.

The team consists of various Spanish speaking influencers were they made a Big Brother type of a show with influencers living in a mansion.

Subscribers: 40,006,686

2. Dude Perfect (founded byCory and Coby Cottonplus their friends Tyler Toney, Garrett Hilbert, and Cody Jones)


Dude Perfect started off first as a sports channel where the guys made various trick shots in different kinds of disciplines and sports. They even got some famous guest sports celebrities to appear to help them expand the channel.

Over time, the channel grew and they also added a lot of comedic content which benefited the popularity. The crew combines their sports skills and comedic chops for very entreating videos.

Subscribers: 42,577,735

1. PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg)


Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie) is a YouTube celebrity coming from Sweden. He is mostly known by his YouTube nickname PewDiePie and he’s the most popular Youtuber of 2019. He first started his career by simply playing games and commenting and talking about them while playing. His reactions and unique sense of humor allowed him to gain a cult following and a status of the number one celebrity on YouTube.

The later expanded by doing coverage and other forms of commentary and he also started giving his opinion about internet memes. His popularity was so great that South Park made an episode about him. There has been a lot of controversy about his racist stand and anti-Semitic comments during the years but he still stands strong and remains the person with the most subscribers on YouTube.

Subscribers: 96,371,901

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