Trish Stratus Net Worth, Age, Biography

Trish Stratus is the stage name of Patricia Anne Stratigeas and she is widely known for being the most recognizable and most popular face of women’s wrestling. Trish is a former fitness model and fitness actress and also used to be an actor and a television personality.

After she had a very successful career as a fitness model, Trish Stratus was inducted into to World Wrestling Federation, which later came to be known as Word Wrestling Entertainment. Being a very sexy and attractive woman, Trish was first included in the storylines which were sexually themed, which included being the manager of the T&A team and also having an affair with Vince McMahon. But later on she started to become much more comfortable in the ring and started doing it for real. With her growing wrestling skills and with her rising popularity Trish Stratus became the symbol of women’s WWE. During her career she was named the WWE Hardcore Champion, she was Babe of the Year three times, and was also given the title of Diva of the Decade. Her retirement came at WWE Unforgiven in September of 2006 and it was the time when she won her record breaking seventh WWE Woman’s Championship title. In 2013 she was included into the WWE Hall of fame at the age of 37 which made her the youngest ever inductee of professional wrestling.

Trish Stratus’ legacy will remain behind her and it will be hard to break the records which she has set. Being one of the pioneers of this sport for women has made her a first-timer in many events which were stated. The sixth rain in the WWE is the title’s longest reign and she held it for 448 days and she also has the most WWE reigns on woman’s history. Thanks to her feud with Lita, they were the first women to headline a RAW event in 2004, a feat which would only happen again 12 years later. She is also the female wrestler with most appearances on RAW and the third overall.

After retirement from the WWE and the wrestling sports, Trish Stratus has turned to other things. She is now concentrating on her yoga gym which she opened in 2008. The studio is located in Toronto, Canada and is called Stratosphere and is considered as “Canada’s largest eco-friendly yoga studio”. They won Top Choice Awards’ Best New Business award in 2009 and the next year they were named as Business Woman of the Year. The studio was named Top Choice Awards’ Best Yoga Studio for 2013.


Trish Stratus Net Worth and Salary

Trish Stratus has once been the face of WWE woman’s wrestling and to some she has remained. Being the most popular woman in WWE has earned her a lot of acclaim. Her success in the sport has helped her pursue other goals in life and she has managed to successfully open a business and get to be involved in other media, like on TV for example. She is not worth 6 million dollars according to the last calculation of her net worth.

Trish Stratus Husband and Family

Trish Stratus is married and has two children. She actually married her childhood sweetheart who was her boyfriend in high school. She and Ron Fisico got married in 2006 and the reception was so exclusive that her bridal gown was shown on the cover of Today’s Brid magazine. Trish and Ron have been together all this time and never had problems in their relationship even after all these years. At her Hall of Fame induction ceremony, she announced her pregnancy and later gave birth to their first child, a baby boy which they named Maximus Stratus Fisico. Trish Stratus’s best friend, Amay Dumas or Lita was the godmother. In 2017 Trish gave birth to their second child and this time it was a girl which they decided to name Madison-Patricia Fisico.


Trish Stratus with her husband Ron Fisico –

Trish Stratus Age

Trish Stratus was born as Patricia Anne Stratigeas in Ontario, Canada on December 18, 1975, making her currently 41 years old. She attended Bayview Secondary School in her hometown and later enrolled into the York University where she studied biology and kinesiology. Because of a strike at the university she had to work as a receptionist at a local gym and it was there where she was approached by an agent who asked her to take some pictures for a magazine. It was the start of her prolific career and she started modeling after that which would later lead her to her pro-wrestling career.

Height and Weight

Trish Stratus has always been considered as one of the most beautiful women in the sports. She has earned her title of a sex symbol and owes her looks and perfect body to years of training and devotion. She still manages to retain her perfect body measurements which come to 36D-24-36 inches and her weight is in balance as she weighs 57 kg with her height which is 163 cm.


Trish Stratus with her son Maximus Stratus Fisico

Is Trish Stratus a Lesbian?

Even though many women in sports and particularly wrestling and martial art sports are considered to be gay, this is not the case with Trish Stratus. She has always been straight and never for a moment has anyone doubted her sexuality. Trish married her high school sweetheart and they have remained pretty close to this day. She has also managed to maintain her status as a sex symbol as well.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Trish stratus belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group and she was born in Canada. She is a citizen of Canada, but comes from a mixed ethnic background. Trish is of Greek-Canadian origin and she also has some Polish blood in her as well.

[table caption=”Biography & Facts” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|350″ colalign=”left|center”]
Born:,December 18 1975
Profession:,Professional wrestler – actor – former fitness model and fitness actress
Net Worth:,$ 6 million
Hair Color:,Light brown
Eye Color:,Brown
Height:,163 cm
Weight:,57 kg
Married to:,Ron Fisico
Affair with:,N/A
Children:,2 (Maximus Stratus Fisico and Madison-Patricia Fisico)
Birth Sign:,Sagittarius
Education:,Bayview Secondary School and York University

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